HMS Aetna (1824)
HMS Aetna (1824)

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NameAetna (1824)Explanation
TypeBomb vessel   
Launched14 May 1824
Builders measure375 tons
Ships book
Note1826 survey vessel.
1846 sold Bristol Seamen's Friendly Society.
Snippets concerning this vessels career
4 May 1824Commanded by Commander Williams Sandom, Mediterranean
13 May 1828Commanded by Commander Stephen Lushington, Mediterranean. Lushington received the orders of St Louis of France and the Redeemer of Greece, for his service in the operations against Morea Castle in the battle of Navarino (now Pylos) in the Greek War of Independence from the Ottoman Empire.
27 May 1830
- 10 September 1833
Commanded by Commander Edward Belcher, surveying off the east coast of Africa (including the Arguin shoals on which the French frigate Meduse was wreckedExternal link, then (end of 1832) in the River Douro as part of the British squadron under William Glascock ( Orestes) during the Portuguese civil war, then (1833) surveying in the Mediterranean
21 September 1833
- 23 December 1833
Commanded by Commander William George Skyring surveying on west coast of Africa (until Skyring was killed by natives at Cape Roxo on the Gambia river)
23 December 1833
- 6 October 1834
Commanded by William Arlett, surveying on the west coast of Africa
4 May 1834
- 29 August 1834
Commanded by Commander Richard Laird Warren, surveying on the west coast of Africa
24 October 1834Commanded by Lieutenant William Arlett, surveying on the west coast of Africa
15 September 1835
- 1838
Commanded by Captain Alexander Thomas Emeric Vidal surveying on west coast of Africa
31 January 1839
- 25 April 1842
Commanded by Lieutenant John Willson, between Shetland and St Sebastian, and as receiving ship in the Mersey
23 May 1842Commanded by Lieutenant Charles George Butler, Plymouth

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