Key to 'Naval Intelligence' in The Times
Key to 'Naval Intelligence' in The Times

Royal NavyVariaKey index 1862 ◄► 1864

This page gives the references (number = page number, letter = column on that page) for the "Naval and Military Intelligence" (sometimes "Military and Naval Intelligence" or just "Naval Intelligence") column of the Times newspaper for the year 1863. These columns (almost daily between about 1842 and 1914) are an invaluable, if sometimes quirky, and not always totally reliable, secondary source for Royal Navy matters.

Empty cells are days without an entry or days for which I have not found the entry.

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  Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
1 11D --- --- 12D 12B 12F 14E 12B 12D 10C --- 10D
2 10C 12C 12E 12C 14B 14D 14B --- 10F 10F 10D 12C
3 9D 12C 14C 10F --- 12C 12B 9E 10A 9F 12C 12E
4 --- 12C 12C 12C 12C 14B 14C 9F 10C --- 10B 12A
5 12F 12F 14B --- 14E 12B --- 9E 9F 10D 9D 9F
6 9A   9C 10D   14C 12C 10E --- 10D 9E ---
7 10C 12F   6E 14B --- 14C 9E 10C 12C 5D 9F
8 12B --- --- 12B 12E 10E 12A 12E 10F 10D --- 10B
9 10F 12D 12F 10C   14C 12D --- 7D 10E 10D 12D
10 12B 9D 10E 12E ---   12D 8F 12B 12B 10D 12C
11 --- 9F   14F 12E 14B   7E 10B --- 10D 10B
12 12B 12C 10E --- 14B   --- 12C 10B 12F 12C 9E
13 12A 12E 12D 11B 12E   12C 7D --- 10E 10B ---
14 12F   14A 11C 14D ---   9C 10B 9F 12D 9E
15 6F --- --- 12F 5F 12E   7E 9F 10C --- 12D
16 10B 12D 12E 14D 14B 14A 7C --- 10C 12E 12E 12E
17 12B 12D 12C 12C --- 12F   12E 5D 10D 12B 9F
18 --- 12C     12E     3D 10E --- 12F 10D
19 12C 5E 14B ---   5D --- 8F 10B 12F 12B  
20 12B 12F 12B 12B 12D 14A 12D 10F --- 7E   ---
21         14B --- 9F 6F 10B 9F   9F
22 12B --- --- 12B 12C 12D   12D 10C 10C ---  
23 9C 12B 9F 14D 14E 14F 11F --- 12B 10C 12E  
24 10C 12B 12F   --- 14D   10E 10B 12B 12B 9E
25 --- 9D 11C   9F 7C   10F 10D --- 12E 10A
26 12E 14B 7D --- 14C   --- 12D 12D 9F 9F 8E
27 12F 9C 12D 12D 12D   12D 10F --- 10B 10B ---
28 12C     14B 11E --- 12A 10D 10D 12D 12C 10D
29 12D   --- 12C 12C 12B 12E 8F 10E 12B --- 7F
30 3E   12E 14D     12C --- 12C 10C 12D 7C
31 12B   12F   ---   10C 10E   12B   5F

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