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William Loney RN - Background  

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Type2nd class frigate  
Launched6 September 1842
Builders measure1190 tons
Displacement1960 tons
Ships bookADM 135/174
NoteLaid down as Belzebub
Snippets concerning this vessels career
7 September 1844
- 13 December 1844
Commanded by Captain Armar Lowry Corry, in charge of the 1844 experimental squadron of brigs
14 December 1844Commanded by Captain James Hope, south-east coast of America, including Anglo-French action in Uruguay
6 October 1849
- 30 April 1851
Commanded by Captain Thomas Owen Knox, Mediterranean (until he died)
18 December 1852
- 8 July 1854
Commanded by Captain Hyde Parker, Mediterranean (and, 1854, Black Sea during the Russian War, where he was killed)
1854Commanded by Captain William Houston Stewart, Black Sea during the Russian War
29 August 1854Commanded by Captain William Moorsom, Black Sea, Moorsom serving ashore with the Naval Brigade, during the Russian War
7 July 1855
- 7 March 1856
Commanded by Captain Edward Augustus Inglefield, Black Sea during the Russian War
7 March 1856Commanded by Captain John Welbore Sunderland Spencer, Black Sea
27 April 1859Commanded by Commander James Minchin Bruce, North America and West Indies
14 May 1859Commanded (from commissioning at Woolwich) by Commander Joseph Dayman, taking soundings for the cable to Gibraltar
22 April 1862
- 9 April 1863
Commanded (until paying off at Woolwich) by Commander Shute Barrington Piers, Mediterranean

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