William Loney's addresses
William Loney's addresses

William Loney R.N.Life and Career

This page contains "Addresses when on half pay" from registers, now in ADM 104, originally maintained by the Medical Director General's office. Some are obviously temporary addresses just before joining, or just after leaving, an appointment. The addresses are generally followed by one (or sometimes more) dates preceeded by either "Party" or "Lr". I assume that "Party" refers to a communication or meeting in which the address was communicated to the Admiralty, and that "Lr" refers to a letter (sent or received?).

AddressDate(s)My notes
Service in Wanderer, Persian, and Dolphin until 30 Nov 1842
5 Howley Street, York RoadParty 1 Dec 1842The York Road beside modern Waterloo station; Howley Street no longer exists
Erryville, Cashel, IrelandLr. 20 Dec 1842 
Ship Tavern, Charing CrossParty 14 Feb 1843Between 1826 and 1834 there was a Ship Hotel at 45 Charing Cross; this may or may not be the same as the Ship Tavern and Coffee House that was sold in 1874
10 Arundel Street, StrandParty 16 Feb 1843 
Service at Woolwich, and in Pantaloon from 20 Feb 1843 until 1 Jul 1846
36 StrandParty 2 July 1846Presumably "Gilliotts" (see 25 Aug 1851).
Marylebone Infirmary, New RoadParty 22 Feb 1847I presume as a member of staff (and not as a patient, recovering from the "Dyspepsia and General Debility" for which he was invalided at Ascension)
8 Palgrave Place, Temple BarParty 20 Jul 1847Palgrave Place was demolished some time before 1891 when the Outer Temple building, 222-225 Strand, was built
Service in Amphitrite from 29 July 1847 until 26 July 1850
8 Palgrave Place, Temple BarParty 27 Jul 1850 
226 StrandLr. 7 Aug 1850This is now a narrow (2 windows wide) Georgian house, the ground floor of which is occupied by "Alsal Watches (established 1939)". It is beside the Outer Temple and opposite the Royal Courts of Justice
Cashel, IrelandParty 22 Aug 1850 
8 Palgrave Place, Temple BarParty 8 Jan 1851 
Service in Apollo from 25 Jan 1851 until 21 Aug 1851
Messrs "Gillotts", StrandParty 25 Aug 1851Gillott & Hassell, 36 Strand; Army & Navy tailors (where he bought at least part of his uniform)
21 Brandley Terrace, Blandford SquareParty 1 Sep 1851Blandford Square (no longer actually a square) is off Harewood Avenue, beside modern Marylebone station. The site is now occupied by Waterdale Mannor House.
Service in Hydra from 17 Jan 1852 until 11 May 1856
Army & Navy ClubPy 12 May 1856Pall Mall, corner of George Street, St James's Square. Opened 1851; entrance £ 40.0.0, then annual subscription of £ 7.7.0. Present building would seem to date from ± 1950
Service in Melampus, Arrogant and Dauntless from 17 Dec 1856 until 19 Jan 1860
33 Belgrave Road, Pimlico SWPy 17 Jan 1860modern photo
Service in Emerald and Cumberland from 16 Jul 1860 until 15 Apr 1864
8 Cumberland Street, SWPy 18 Apr 1864modern photo
Army & Navy Club27 Jul 1864 
Service at Haulbowline from 1 Nov 1865 until 18 Nov 1869
8 Colleton Crescent, Exeter10 Dec 1869modern photo
Service in Glasgow and at Hong Kong and Haslar from 24 May 1871 until 3 Jul 1877, then in retirement
Leign, Moretonhampstead modern photo

Sources: ADM 104/23 (Assistant Surgeons Register 3), folio 18 ; ADM 104/17 (Surgeons Register 3), folio 223; ADM 104/29 (Staff Surgeons Register), folio 30.

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