HMS Dolphin - log extracts 
HMS Dolphin - log extracts 

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Two notes inserted in the muster book (ADM 38/7969) of HMS Dolphin for the period 2 March 1840 - 29 November 1842 concerning the prize Doris

On D[olphin?] Oct '43 [the commission had ended in November 1842]

Names of men checked away from Dolphin in Doris on the 4 July 1841

  Mr Penny, gunner   DD [discharged dead] 30 July 1841 on board Doris prize
25 Wm McLean AB   Rejoined Dolphin 7 August 41
38 Jas Cairns AB   DD 18 July 1841 in Doris prize
3 Geo Steel boy 1c [1st class] } No return mentioned but they appear victualled again on Dolphin on 9 Aug 41 (rejoin Dolphin 9 Aug [note apparently added later])
2 Geo Cornwall boy 2c [2nd class] }

The above vessel was sent from Dolphin as per date but in August 8th or 9th following we fell in with her at anchor below Accra having lost by death the prize officer Mr Penny, gunner, and Jas Cairns AB. The victualling of McLean and Cornwall was, I imagine, carried out throughout, I do not remember the date of the gunners death but that can be ascertained

E. Littlehales
Oct 43

On D Oct '43

Names of men checked away from Dolphin in Doris on the 11 August 1841

  A.C. Murray, mate   Invalided 13 Jany 42 at Sierra Leone, never rejoined Dolphin
18 Jno Morgan } Joined Madagascar 15 Januy 1842. Joined Dolphin 24 Feby 1842  
47 Geo Dovey Ordy }
49 Geo Steel Ordy }
19 K[rooman] Jno Foster Ordy   DD 18 Nov 1841. Killed by shark in prize

The vessel was nearly 4 months getting from the Bight of Benin to Sierra Leone. She was victualed, I think, for 6 weeks or two months. Provisions were purchased by Mr. Murray in the different places in the coast he was obliged to meet at, and I believe supplied at Cape Coast castle by Govr McLean. I forget how it was arranged. Mr. Murray never rejoined, but was invalided at Sierra Leone, the other three rejoined according to date.

Ed. Littlehales
Oct 43

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