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Hong Kong response


18 February 1875.

My Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty having received a letter from Vice Admiral Sir Shadwell K.C.B. expressing the high opinion he entertains of the services of Deputy Inspector General Loney at Hong Kong, I am commanded by their Lordships to signify their direction to you


Admiral Sir G. Rodney Mundy K.C.B.

Hong Kong response

you to acquaint Dr. Loney on his arrival at Haslar, that they have received this report with much satisfaction.

I am et. et.
(signed) Robert Hall

The addressee is Admiral Sir George Rodney Mundy, K.C.B., Commander-in-Chief at Portsmouth from 1 March 1875 - 1 March 1878. The signatory is Captain Robert Hall C.B. (Naval Secretary, 8 May 1872 - 8 May 1882).

Hong Kong response

19 February 1875.

Forwarded for the information of the Inspector General of the Royal Naval Hospital at Haslar.

Rodney Mundy

W.R.E. Smart C.B., M.D. was Inspector General at Haslar from 18 April 1873 to 13 November 1877 (and the second Medical Officer-in-Charge after control of that hospital passed back to medical officers in 1870 after a period of 75 years under control of executive officers).

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