HMS Apollo - log extracts 
HMS Apollo - log extracts 

William Loney R.N.DocumentsShips' logs Amphitrite ◄► Hydra

Extracts from the log of HMS Apollo for the period 19 January 1851 - 20 August 1851
Sources: ADM 53/3598, 24 September 1850 - 14 April 1851; ADM 53/3599, 15 April 1851 - 20 August 1851.

Sheerness - Plymouth - Queenstown - Gibraltar - Corfu - Malta - Gibraltar - Port Royal, Jamaica - Montego Bay - Halifax - Spithead - Dover - Sheerness - Chatham.

As will be apparent from these extracts, Apollo was a troopship. She was built during the Napoleonic war as a 5th rate frigate, and converted to a troopship in 1838. She had been in commission for two years when Dr Loney joined her in Sheerness.

Here is a complete list of officers serving during the commission of 22 December 1848 - 20 Aug 1851 (from the ship's muster book). The ship carried a Surgeon and an Assistant Surgeon during almost the whole commission.

19 Jan Sun Moored at Sheerness
17 Feb Mon Running for the Queens Channel
20 Feb Thu Single anchor in the Downs
21 Feb Fri Weighed and made all plain sail
22 Feb Sat At single anchor at Spithead
23 Feb Sun Running through the Needles
24 Feb Mon At single anchor in Plymouth Sound
26 Feb Wed Running out of the Sound
27 Feb Thu Moored in Outer Anchorage, Queenstown [present Cobh, Cork, Ireland].
1 Mar Sat Steamer came alongside with Troops baggage. Employed hoisting in and stowing baggage. Embarked 3 officers, 82 men of the Baggage Guard.
3 Mar Mon Embarked 13 officers, 23 NC [non-commissioned] officers, 379 men, 33 women, 40 children of H. Majesty's 92 Highlanders.
5 Mar Wed Weighed and made all sail to Top Galt sails
7 Mar Fri 48.7 °N 9.3 °W
12 Mar Wed At single anchor in Gibraltar Bay
14 Mar Fri 36.52 °N 0.16 °W
21 Mar Fri 35.30 °N 16.22 °E
22 Mar Sat a.m.
8: Departed this life Margt. Hannah, child of Private Alexr. Grenadier Company, 92nd Highlanders.

38.16 °N 18.52 °E
5.30: Mustered at Quarters. Committed the body of the deceased to the deep.

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23 Mar Sun a.m.
2: Set mainsail and tacked. Set foresail. In Royals & hove to off the island of Pasco
[Paxoi, south of Corfu]
5: Wore and made all plain sail on the Starbd Tack.
8.30: Exchanged signals with "Growler". Wore round on Port Tack. Set Mainsail. Passed the "Java" with H.M. 36th Regt on board.
10: Mustered by Divisions and performed Devine Service.
11.30: Squared yards and set Starbd Studdingsails.
1.30: In Starbd Studdingsails. Trimmed and set Port Top and Top Gallt. Studdingsails.
2.40: In Studdingsails
3.30: Shortened sail and came to with BB
[Best Bower = starboard bow anchor] in 15 fthms. Veered 40 fthms. East end of Vias NE, East end of Citadel ??. Furled sails. Health boat came alongside and placed the ship in quarantine in consequence of a case of Small Pox having taken place on board. Moored ship with 100 fms on SB [Small Bower = port bow anchor]; and 50 fms on BB, Found lying here H.M. Ships "Albion", "Ganges", Hercules and "Frolic". Received on board two guardians sent by the Health Authorities.
29 Mar Sat The health officers came on board and gave pratique. Employed hoisting out baggage. Disembarked troops.
4 Apr Fri Employed in taking in and stowing away the baggage of the 16th Regt.
5 Apr Sat Embarked 9 officers, 4 ladies, 8 officers children, 401 noncommissioned officers and men, 22 women and children of the 16th Regt.
6 Apr Sun Running though South Channel
11 Apr Fri Running for Malta Harbour... Shackled Stbd. cable to the buoy.
12 Apr Sat a.m.
8.40: HMSV
[Her Majesty's Steam Vessel] Triton took ship in tow. Slipped from the buoy and proceeded out of Malta Harbour
9.20: Triton cast off. Made sail to Top Gt. sails
17 Apr Thu 38.4 °N 5.7 °E
25 Apr Fri 36.2 °N 4.48 °W
27 Apr Sun Moored in Gibraltar Bay
2 May Fri a.m.
6: Weighed. HMSV Janus took the ship in tow. Proceeded out of Gibraltar Bay.
7.40: Janus cast off.
9 May Fri 29.42 °N 24.21 °W
16 May Fri 25.9 °N 35.28 °W
23 May Fri 22.11 °N 43.18°W
30 May Fri 17.17 °N 59.31 °W
31 May Sat English Harbour [Antigua, Leeward islands], NW 5 miles
6 Jun Fri 17.6 °N 73.6 °W
8 Jun Sun At single anchor, Port Royal, Jamaica
10 Jun Tue Employed hoisting in and storing away provisions
11 Jun Wed Carpenter repairing womans water closet
12 Jun Thu a.m.
2: HMS vessel "Albion" came alongside for troops
3.30: Albion came alongside with HM 97th Regt onboard. Embarked __ officers, __ soldiers, __ women, __ children
[these gaps not filled in!]
16 Jun Mon Made all plain sail
18 Jun Wed At single anchor, Montego Bay [Jamaica]
20 Jun Fri Weighed and made all plain sail
27 Jun Fri 24.36 °N 80.00 °W
4 Jul Fri 40.46 °N 66.25 °W
6 Jul Sun At single anchor off Dock Yard [Halifax]
8 Jul Tue Disembarked the 97th Royals
15 Jul Tue Embarked H.M. 1st Royals, 18 officers, 461 men, 43 women, 34 children.
16 Jul Wed Weighed and made all plain sail
18 Jul Fri 43.50 °N 55.21 °W
25 Jul Fri 46.15 °N 29.50 °W
31 Jul Thu At single anchor at Spithead
1 Aug Fri Weighed and taken in tow by "Echo" steam tug. Proceeded into Portsmouth harbour... Disembarked H.M. 1st Royal Regt.
4 Aug Mon Taken in tow by the "Echo"
6 Aug Wed a.m.
4: Split the jib.
6: Split mainsail. Unbent and bent new mainsail. Set it. Reefed in the courses.
7 Aug Thu Anchored at Dover
8 Aug Fri Working up Channel
9 Aug Sat At single anchor, Sheerness
10 Aug Sun Weighed and proceeded to Chatham
12 Aug Tue Lashed alongside sheer hulk
20 Aug Wed Pay clerks came onboard. Paid ships company their wages. Put ship out of Commission.
[Signed] Benjamin Simpson, Master

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