Edward Thomas Troubridge R.N.
Edward Thomas Troubridge R.N.

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Edward Thomas Troubridge R.N.Explanation
Only son of Rear-Admiral Sir Thomas Troubridge (c1758-1807), 1st Baronet Troubridge of Plymouth
Date (from)(Date to)Personal
1790 Born (Upton, Hampshire)
1 February 1807 Succeeded as 2nd Baronet Troubridge of Longstock, Hants., when his father was given up as lost in the Blenheim, en route from the east to the Cape of Good Hope and England.
18 August 1810 Married Anna Maria (1796-1873), daughter of Adm Hon. Sir Alexander Forrester Inglis Cochrane (mother of Sir Thomas St. Vincent Hope Cochrane Troubridge, Capt. Edward Norwich Troubridge R.N. and two daughters).
4 May 183131 July 1847M.P. (Conservative) for Sandwich (until he retired).
30 June 183123 November 1841Naval Aide-de-Camp to King William IV and then Queen Victoria.
20 July 1838 C.B. (Companion of the Bath).
18?? Deputy Lieutenant for Haddingtonshire, East Lothian
7 October 1852 Died (London)
Entry in O'Byrnes 1849 'Naval Biographical Dictionary'
21 January 1797Entered Navy
22 February 1806Lieutenant
5 September 1806Commander
28 November 1807Captain
23 November 1841Rear-Admiral
Date fromDate toService
21 January 1797April 1799Volunteer in Cambridge
1801 Midshipman in Achille
1801 Serving in Cambridge
1801 Serving in Edgar (present at Battle of Copenhagen, 2 Apr 1801)
May 1802 Serving in Leander
180? Serving in London
July 1803 Serving in Victory, flagship of Lord Nelson
22 February 1806 Lieutenant in Blenheim, flagship of Rear-Admiral Thomas Troubridge his father, East Indies
March 1806 Acting commander in Harrier (1804, brig-sloop)
August 1806 Act. Captain in Celebes
October 1806 Act. Captain in Greyhound (1783, fifth rate)
June 1807January 1808Commander in Narcissus (1801, fifth rate), searching for news of Blenheim and Java, with which ships his father was returning from the East,
5 February 1813May 1815Captain in Armide (1806, fifth rate) and in command of the naval brigade at New Orleans
15 April 1831October 1832Captain in Stag, Commander-in-chief, Queenstown
25 April 183522 August 1841Commissioner of the Admiralty (4th, then 3rd and 2nd Naval Lord)
23 August 184123 November 1841Captain in Formidable, fitting for the Mediterranean

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