Commissioned officers in command - 1840-1880
Commissioned officers in command - 1840-1880

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The table below is intended to include all commissioned officers (that is, with the rank of Lieutenant or above) in command of a Royal Navy vessel between 1840 and 1880. The data are chiefly derived from service records in the National Archives in Kew, contemporary Navy Lists, William R. O'Byrne's "Naval Biographical Dictionary" (1849) and the "Naval Intelligence" column of the Times newspaper.

Follow the links in the first column for available biographic and career data. The 'Rank reached' column shows the highest substantive rank reached (thus not including "retired ..."); as the data are incomplete, however, some officers may have actually reached a higher rank.

For officers not shown here, try Paul Benyon's extensive listExternal link. For persons other than naval sea officers, go here.

 OfficerBornDiedRank reachedEntries
RobertFair R.N. <1823 1844Captain6
HenryFairfax R.N. 1837 1900Admiral35
Gordon ThomasFalcon R.N. 17771854Rear-Admiral17
MaxwellFalcon R.N. <1825>1857Commander8
Charles GeorgeFane R.N. 1837 1909Vice-Admiral23
ArthurFanshawe R.N. 17941864Admiral21
Edward GennysFanshawe R.N. 1814 1906Admiral35
ArthurFarquhar R.N. 1815 1908Admiral35
HawksworthFawkes R.N. 18361876Captain16
William FrederickFead R.N. <1824 1853Commander13
Craven JohnFeatherstone R.N. 1794 1870Commander8
CharlesFellowes R.N. 1823 1886Vice-Admiral30
JohnFellowes R.N. 18431913Unknown!38
ThomasFellowes R.N. 1778 1853Rear-Admiral28
Thomas Hounsom ButlerFellowes R.N. 1827 1923Captain20
William AbdyFellowes R.N. 1815 1878Captain11
William HenryFenwick R.N. 1827>1883Captain11
EdwardField R.N. <1851>1866Commander6
John BousquetField R.N. 1819 1869Commander11
John WilliamFinch R.N. <1811>1868Captain7
Edmund GardinerFishbourne R.N. 1811 1887Captain25
John ArbuthnotFisher R.N. 18411920Admiral of the Fleet41
PeterFisher R.N. 1781 1844Captain6
PeterFisher R.N. <1828>1853Captain8
ThomasFisher R.N. <1824 1891Rear-Admiral14
WilliamFisher R.N. 1780 1852Rear-Admiral10
William EdwardFisher R.N. <1831>1871Commander12
Charles SedgwickFitton R.N. 18301880Commander9
Lord AdolphusFitzclarence R.N. 1802 1856Rear-Admiral23
Adolphus Agustus FrederickFitzgeorge R.N. 1846 1922Captain11
CharlesFitzgerald R.N. 17921887Captain15
John CoghlanFitzgerald R.N. 1803 1859Captain20
Richard Purefoy JervoiseFitzgerald R.N. 18361895Lieutenant10
Hon. John FrederickFitzgerald De Roos R.N. 18041861Captain9
JamesFitzjames R.N. <1825 1850Captain11
Hon. Frederick O'BrienFitzmaurice R.N. 18301867Commander7
Hon James TerenceFitzmaurice R.N. 1835 1917Commander11
Arthur GeorgeFitzroy R.N. 1827 1861Commander12
RobertFitzroy R.N. 18051865Captain25
Robert O'BrienFitzroy R.N. 18391896Rear-Admiral10
Richard HowellFleming R.N. 1778 1856Commander9
Archibald Douglas WilliamFletcher R.N. 1821 1882Commander16
John VenourFletcher R.N. 1801 1877Captain18
Hon. Fitzgerald Algernon CharlesFoley R.N. 1823 1903Vice-Admiral29
Charles EdwardFoot R.N. 18411884Captain28
Henry RichardFoote R.N. 1817 1885Captain12
JohnFoote R.N. <1827 1854Captain11
JohnFoote R.N. 1785 1853Captain11
ArthurForbes R.N. <1828 1891Rear-Admiral14
Charles StuartForbes R.N. <1848>1862Commander5
Frederick EdwynForbes R.N. 1819 1851Lieutenant11
HenryForbes R.N. 1787 1855Captain11
Thomas GeorgeForbes R.N. <1822>1856Commander6
John SamuelForeman R.N. 17981845Captain11
ThomasForrest R.N. <1802 1844Captain6
WilliamForrester R.N. <1824>1839Lieutenant2
Charles CodringtonForsyth R.N. 1810 1873Captain16
Thomas Dyce AclandFortescue R.N. 1821 1865Captain10
William NewtonFowell R.N. 1803 1868Captain18
Charles ColvilleFrankland R.N. 1797 1876Captain10
EdwardFranklin R.N. <1810>1868Captain6
Edward Bond HarrisonFranklin R.N. <1844>1890Captain7
JohnFranklin R.N. 1776 1847Captain16
JohnFraser R.N. 17911861Captain8
ThomasFraser R.N. 1796 1870Captain10
George AlexanderFrazer R.N. <1817>1851Captain10
CharlesFrederick R.N. 1797 1875Vice-Admiral20
John OsmondFreeland R.N. 1810 1875Lieutenant13
Charles HoweFremantle R.N. 1800 1869Admiral22
Hon. Edmund RobertFremantle R.N. 18361929Admiral32
Stephen GrenvilleFremantle R.N. 18101860Captain19
John James Bartholomew EdwardFrere R.N. 1812 1864Captain12
JohnFulford R.N. 18091888Rear-Admiral28
John Reginald ThomasFullerton R.N. 1840 1918Vice-Admiral19
James HolmesFurneaux R.N. <1845>1859Commander4
Henry John Windham Sherbrook PayneGallwey R.N. <1824>1864Commander6
Robert FitzgeraldGambier R.N. 1803 1885Captain13
Alan HenryGardner R.N. 18171880Captain20
George HenryGardner R.N. <1829>1861Captain11
George JohnsonGardner R.N. <1805>1860Lieutenant6
Edmund St JohnGarforth R.N. <1857>1883Captain6
Thomas LovetteGaussen R.N. <1832 1865Commander7
CharlesGayton R.N. <1811>1856Commander12
LouisGeneste R.N. <1854>1871Commander12
John HennGennys R.N. <1824>1864Commander13
William HennGennys R.N. <1840>1854Commander3
CharlesGibbons R.N. 1828>1877Commander6
RobertGibson R.N. 18291874Captain20
GeorgeGiffard R.N. 1815 1895Rear-Admiral21
Henry WellsGiffard R.N. 1811 1854Captain17
ViscountGilford R.N. 1832 1907Admiral of the Fleet33
William FanshaweGlanville R.N. 18081861Captain11
William NugentGlascock R.N. <1800 1847Captain12
Frederick Henry HastingsGlasse R.N. 1806 1884Rear-Admiral22
CountGleichen R.N. 18331891Captain23
Charles James PriceGlinn R.N. <1829>1848Lieutenant8
John HawleyGlover R.N. 1829 1885Commander16
Hon. Henry CarrGlyn R.N. 18291884Vice-Admiral27
Edmund AnthonyGlynn R.N. <1825 1893Commander5
GeorgeGoldsmith R.N. 18071888Rear-Admiral25
Hugh ColvilleGoldsmith R.N. <1809 1841Lieutenant3
Thomas LewisGooch R.N. <1820 1876Captain9
Thomas SherlockGooch R.N. <1854>1856Lieutenant2
James GrahamGoodenough R.N. 1830 1875Captain27
HughGoold R.N. 1786 1866Commander8
Alexander CrombieGordon R.N. 1818 1893Captain16
Alexander DuffGordon R.N. <1845>1855Commander3
David MacDowallGordon R.N. 1799 1848Lieutenant7
George ThomasGordon R.N. <1818>1877Rear-Admiral17
James AlexanderGordon R.N. 1816 1847Commander9
James GabrielGordon R.N. 1786 1871Commander9
JohnGordon R.N. <1805>1863Captain8
William ElringtonGordon R.N. 18311897Rear-Admiral28
William Everard AlphonsoGordon R.N. <1830>1887Captain14
RobertGore R.N. 1810 1854Captain12
WilliamGore-Jones R.N. 18261888Admiral24
CharlesGraham R.N. 1792 1857Rear-Admiral12
James StanleyGraham R.N. 1836 1873Commander11
WilliamGraham R.N. 1826>1891Admiral19
Henry DuncanGrant R.N. 1834 1896Admiral19
Henry JamesGrant R.N. <1846>1857Commander5
JamesGrant R.N. 1833 Commander7
JohnGrant R.N. <1806>1857Commander12
John Frederick GeorgeGrant R.N. 18351916Rear-Admiral16
RichardGrant R.N. 1783 1859Captain14
William BurleyGrant R.N. <1852>1885Captain9
ThomasGraves R.N. 1802 1856Captain15
Edward EvansGray R.N. <1827>1860Commander7
Francis JohnGray R.N. 18391875Lieutenant8
WilliamGreet R.N. <1825>1861Commander9
William FilmerGregory R.N. <1853>1856Lieutenant2
SidneyGrenfell R.N. 1806 1884Rear-Admiral24
Henry FrancisGreville R.N. <1814 1864Captain6
Stapleton JohnGreville R.N. 1826 1903Captain9
Frederick WilliamGrey R.N. 1805 1878Admiral27
GeorgeGrey R.N. 18091891Vice-Admiral22
WilliamGriffin R.N. <1812 1873Captain16
SmythGriffith R.N. <1812>1860Lieutenant4
James BlairGrove R.N. <1854>1856Lieutenant5
Charles GerveysGrylls R.N. 1826 1860Commander7
Edmund HallGunnell R.N. 18101887Commander9

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