John Fellowes R.N.
John Fellowes R.N.

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John Fellowes R.N.Explanation
Son of James Fellowes (-1846)
Date (from)(Date to)Personal
1 April 1843 Born (Brighton, Sussex)
27 November 1883 Married Jane (-1920), daughter of William Feetham Miller
22 September 1913 Died (Hatfield, Hertfordshire)
Obituary in the Times newspaper
15 May 1856Naval cadet
15 May 1858Mate
15 June 1862Sub-Lieutenant
24 March 1863Lieutenant
18 September 1873Commander
20 January 1880Captain
1 January 1895Rear-Admiral
17 March 1901Vice-Admiral
26 November 1904Admiral
8 June 1905Retired Admiral
Date fromDate toService
16 May 18569 March 1857Naval cadet in Nile, commanded by Captain George Rodney Mundy, West Indies
10 March 185714 May 1858Naval cadet in Tartar, commanded by Captain Hugh Dunlop, then North America and West Indies
15 May 185822 November 1859Midshipman in Tartar, commanded by Captain Hugh Dunlop, North America and West Indies
23 November 18598 October 1860Midshipman in Diadem, commanded by Captain James Horsford Cockburn, Channel squadron
9 October 186014 June 1862Midshipman in Ariel, commanded by Commander John Richard Alexander then Commander Radulphus Bryce Oldfield, Cape of Good Hope, East African slavery patrol
15 June 186223 March 1863Acting Sub-Lieutenant in Ariel, commanded by Commander William Cox Chapman, Cape of Good Hope
24 March 186322 February 1864Lieutenant in Rapid, commanded by Commander Charles Trelawney Jago, Cape of Good Hope
23 February 18646 August 1864Lieutenant in Narcissus, commanded by Captain Joseph Grant Bickford, Cape of Good Hope
13 December 186431 August 1868Lieutenant in Highflyer, commanded by Captain Thomas Malcolm Sabine Pasley, Cape of Good Hope and East Indies
27 July 18694 February 1871Lieutenant in Minotaur, commanded by Captain James Graham Goodenough then Captain Richard Wells, Channel squadron
10 May 187127 November 1871Lieutenant in Pembroke, commanded by Captain John Crawford Wilson, flagship of Vice-Admiral Charles Gilbert John Brydone Elliot Sheerness, for the Reserve Fleet
28 November 187121 December 1873Lieutenant in Briton, commanded by Captain Charles Trelawney Jago then Captain George John Malcolm then Captain Lindesay Brine, East Indies and Persian Gulf
30 January 187410 July 1875Naval Barracks, Sheerness, carried on the books of Duncan , flagship of Vice Admiral Hastings
11 July 18755 August 1875Additional Commander in Duke of Wellington, commanded by Captain Francis William Sullivan, flagship of the port admiral, Portsmouth, for service in Minotaur
6 August 187510 December 1879Commander (2ic) in Minotaur, commanded by Captain Lord Walter Talbot Kerr then Captain Harry Holdsworth Rawson, Channel squadron
8 April 188214 April 1884Captain in Minotaur, Channel Squadron
9 February 18857 July 1885Captain in Alexandra, harbour service
18 July 18892 September 1889Captain in HeroExternal link, for manoeuvres
3 September 188912 May 1890Captain in Hercules, harbour service
13 May 18907 March 1891Captain in Northumberland, Ship of the First Reserve, Coast Guard Service, Portland (and manoeuvres 22 July to 31 August 1890)
8 March 18918 September 1892Captain in Alexandra, Coast Guard ship, Portland (and manoeuvres 8 July - 6 August 1891 and 21 July 1892 - 26 August 1892)
1 January 189415 January 1895Superintendant of Sheerness dockyard
19 May 189731 May 1898Captain in MagnificentExternal link, second in command, Channel Squadron

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