Peter Richards R.N.
Peter Richards R.N.

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Peter Richards R.N.Explanation
Date (from)(Date to)Personal
1787 Born
24 December 1842 C.B. (Companion of the Bath), for service in China
7 June 1865 K.C.B. (Knight Commander of the Bath)
16 March 1869 Died (London)
Entry in O'Byrnes 1849 'Naval Biographical Dictionary'
1798Entered Navy
12 December 1807Lieutenant
16 September 1816Commander
17 September 1828Captain
6 June 1855Rear-Admiral
12 April 1862Retired Vice Admiral
12 September 1865Retired Admiral
Date fromDate toService
22 October 182624 November 1826Commander in Cameleon, Mediterranean
25 November 182626 February 1828Commander in Pelorus, Mediterranean
27 February 182828 March 1828Commander (2ic) in Dartmouth, commanded by Captain Thomas Fellowes, Mediterranean
29 March 182816 November 1828Commander in Pelorus, Mediterranean
25 December 183128 July 1834Captain in Asia, flagship of Rear-Admiral William Parker, Lisbon
3 November 183527 July 1837Captain in Volage, Mediterranean
5 April 184122 November 1844Captain in Cornwallis, flagship of Rear-Admiral William Parker, East Indies (including the first Anglo-Chinese war)
27 February 18453 September 1848Captain in Hibernia, flagship of Vice-Admiral William Parker, Mediterranean
4 September 18484 May 1849Captain in Royal Sovereign, Pembroke
5 May 184930 August 1850Captain in Poictiers, guard ship of Ordinary, Chatham
31 August 18506 January 1851Captain in Cumberland, guard ship of Ordinary, Chatham
7 January 185121 November 1853Captain in Boscawen, guard ship of Ordinary, Chatham
22 November 18531 May 1854Captain in Poictiers, guard ship of Ordinary, Chatham
2 May 18542 June 1854Captain in Wellesley, guard ship of Ordinary, Chatham
3 June 18542 April 1857Commissioner of the Admiralty (Third Naval Lord)

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