Admiralty Circulars concerning medical officers
Admiralty Circulars concerning medical officers

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Admiralty circulars concerning the medical officers of the Royal Navy.

The Navy Lists of the time contained the texts of a large number of circulars, memoranda &c. which can be considered as additions to the Queens Regulations and Admiralty Instructions. The follwing documents pertained to the medical officers of the Royal Navy.

7 March 1830-Inauguration of the BlaneExternal link medal.
3 March 1855Circular 188Medical Officers.
26 November 1856Circular 349Qualifications for the Rank of Medical Inspector of Hospitals and Fleets, and of Deputy Medical Inspector of Hospitals and Fleets.
30 May 1859Circular 370Medical Officers, Royal Navy — Pay, Half-Pay, Rank, &c.
15 May 1860Circular 423Wine and Medical Comforts for the Sick.
15 April 1864Circular 11.—M M.Vaccination.
27 February 1865Circular 5.—M M.Health of Crews of Her Majesty’s Ships.
8 February 1867Circular 4.—W.Medical officers of the Navy.
26 February 1867Circular 9.—W.Examination of Assistant-Surgeons for the Rank of Surgeon.
7 May 1867-Regulations relative to the Examination of candidates for the appointment of Assistant-Surgeons in the Royal Navy.
14 August 1867Circular 30.—W.Time served by Chaplains and Medical Officers in Her Majesty’s Dockyards and Naval Hospitals.
6 July 1875-Qualifications and regulations for the Examination of Candidates for Commissions in the Medical Service of the Royal Navy.
14 January 1878Circular 41—C.W.Relative Rank of Inspectors and Deputy Inspectors General of Hospitals and Fleets.

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