HMS Surprise, a sailing simulator for Windows:

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Download and run this free simulation of a three- and two-masted square-rigged sailing ship for Microsoft Windows.

  • Download the HMS Surprise simulator (release 06.12.09; development history); then just unzip (for example with WinZip) into any folder (for example C:\Program Files\Surprise) and run Surprise.exe.
  • Read the documentation file for the simulator in your word processor (this file is also contained in the download package).
  • Download the source code of the simulator (only of interest if you are a C-programmer).

Technical note: I developed this project long ago (starting in 1996!) using the Mingw32 version of EGCS 1.1.2, a port of the GCC 2.8.1 compiler for Windows 95, and subsequently upgraded to MinGW 3.1.0. As Integrated Development Environment I used RSXIDE 2.0 (still available here) with PFE 1.01 as editor. As the individual lines of the RSXIDE Makefile may apparently not be longer than the DOS-limit of 126 characters, and I used a total of 13 .c files, I had to give these short names.

If you do not appreciate why this programme is called HMS Surprise, head for the nearest bookshop and look for the Aubrey/Maturin novels by Patrick O'Brian. You can also subscribe to the Gunroom mailing list. For more serious discussion of all aspects of maritime history, join the MarHst-L mailing list.

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