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William Loney RN - Apothecaries apprentice

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Apothecaries' indenture (1/3)


THIS INDENTURE made the first day of February in the year of Our Lord One thousand eight hundred and thirty four Between Michael Larkin of Forty three Baggott Street in the City of Dublin Esquire, Surgeon and Apothecary of the one part and William Loney of Erry in the County of Tipperary, Gentleman and William Loney Junior, son of the said William Loney of the other part. Witnesseth that the said Michael Larkin for and in consideration of the sum of Ninety Pounds of which a sum of Fifty Pounds is paid in cash and Forty Pounds of the Promissory notes of the said William Loney Senior to him in hand paid at or immediately before the execution of these Presents the receipt whereof he doth hereby acknowledge and for and in consideration of the covenants hereinafter mentioned Doth for himself his Executors [and] Administrators covenant promise and agree to and with the said William Loney Senior and Junior in manner following that is to say that he the said Michael Larkin shall and will take the sail William Loney Junior to be his apprentice and shall and will during the period hereinafter mentioned to the best of his skill and knowledge teach and instruct od cause to be taught of instructed the sail William Loney Junior in his profession art and mystery of Apothecary and also that he shall and will find and provide the sail William Loney Junior with good and sufficient meat drink and lodging befitting an apprentice and such as persons in that profession are in the habit of giving to their apprentices (And is his own house) during such his apprenticeship, And the said William Loney Junior by and with the consent of his said father Doth put place and bind himself Apprentice to the sail Michael Larkin to learn from him his profession art or mystery as aforesaid and with him after the manner of an Apprentice to dwell and serve from the day of the date hereof for and during the full end and term of seven years to be computed from the date hereof, And further that during the said term he will faithfully and diligently serve the same Michael Larkin and to the utmost of his power skill and knowledge exercize and employ himself and do and perform all such service and other things whatsoever that shall be required of him relating to the said profession art or mystery. And further that he the said William Loney Junior shall not nor will not at any time during the period aforesaid absent himself from the business of his said Master the same Michael Larkin without his consent for that purpose or some other reasonable cause. And that he shall not and will not during the same period contract Matrimony or play at dice or any unlawful game of cards. but that he shall and will in all things faithfully honestly and diligently obey his commands. And the said Michael Larkin Doth hereby for himself his Executors and Administrators covenant and agree to and with the said William Loney Senior and William Loney Junior and each of them that when and so soon as the said William Loney Junior shall have completed his said apprenticeship having faithfully and honestly conducted himself in such apprenticeship and otherwise have performed the covenants hereinbefore mentioned that he the said Michael Loney shall and will grant and give to the said William Loney Junior the usual and necessary certificates or other qualifications as are customary in such cases to enable him the said William Loney to become a member of the said Professions

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