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William Loney RN - Apothecaries' apprentice

Apothecaries' apprentice

In December 1833 the 16 year old William Loney was examined by the Governor, Deputy Governor and Directors of Apothecaries' Hall in Dublin and found to be "properly qualified to be apprenticed to the business of an apothecary". The next month Articles of Indenture, were signed by his father, William Loney Senior, William himself, and Michael Larkin "of 43 Baggot Street in the City of Dublin Esquire, Surgeon and Apothecary" for William to be apprenticed to Larkin for the customary period of seven years in consideration of a sum of ₤90 [about ₤8000 at current values]. In September 1835, however, he apparently transferred to the Anglesey ("Lying-in" = maternity) Hospital at 50 Bishop Street, Dublin where, on 25 May 1839* the Resident Apothecary "assigned him his Indenture", presumably signifying that his education was complete. In November 1839 he received his first appointment as Assistant Surgeon in the Royal Navy.

*These is something strange here: the resident apothecaries' 1839 statement bears the address "Bishop street, Dublin", but the Anglesey Hospital moved to 28 Peter Street in 1836, while the two dates '1839' in the statement look manipulated .

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