William Loney R.N. - Apothecaries' apprentice
William Loney R.N. - Apothecaries' apprentice

William Loney R.N.Life & CareerApprentice (2/3)

Apothecaries' indenture (2/3)


The within named Mr Loney has served me from the date of within Indenture to the 23 Sep 1835 with diligence and ???
Mk. Larkin

I certify that Mw William Loney served me as Apprentice from the 23rd day of Sept 1835 up to the 24th day of May 1839 (nine), during which period he conducted himself most correctly honourably and attentively to his professional persuits.
I now asign him his Indentures according to agreement.
Dated this 25th day of May 1839 (nine)
Benym. C Dormer(?)
"Anglesey Hospital
Bishop St. Dublin."

Dated 1st february 1834
Michl. Larkin Esqr.
1st. pt.
Indentures of Apprenticeship
Wm. Loney Senr. and Junr.
2nd. pt.
147 Abbey St.

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