HMS Buzzard - log extracts 
HMS Buzzard - log extracts 

William Loney R.N.DocumentsShips' logs Express ◄► Eurydice

Extracts from the log of HMS Buzzard for the period 15 January 1853 - 10 December 1855
Sources: ADM 53/5107, 30 November 1852 - 4 March 1853; ADM 53/5108, 5 March 1853 - 4 June 1853; ADM 53/5109, 5 June 1853 - 21 September 1853; ADM 53/5110, 22 September 1853 - 31 December 1853; ADM 53/5111, 1 January 1854 - 12 April 1854; ADM 53/5112, 13 April 1854 - 30 July 1854; ADM 53/5113, 31 July 1854 - 16 November 1854; ADM 53/5114, 17 November 1854 - 20 March 1855; ADM 53/5115, 21 March 1855 - 31 July 1855; ADM 53/5116, 1 August 1855 - 20 November 1855; ADM 53/5117, 21 November 1855 - 23 March 1856.

Port Royal (Jamaica) - Havana (Cuba) - Port Royal - Georgetown (Grand Cayman) - Belize - Port Royal - Guantanamo - Porto Bello (Panama) - Port Royal - Port au Prince (Hiati) - Port Royal - Bermuda - Halifax - St Johns - Sydney (Nova Scotia) - Harbour Breton - Forteau Bay (Labrador) - St Johns - Belle Isle - Forteau Bay - Halifax - Bermuda - Port au Prince - San Domingo (Dominican Republic) - Guantanamo - Port Royal - Sacrificos - Sisal (Yucatan) - Havana - Port Royal - Cartagena (Columbia) - Bluefields (Mosquito) - Greytown (Mosquito) - Port Royal - Courtown Cays - Port Royal - Belize - Greytown - Port Royal - Bermuda

The wooden paddle sloop HMS Buzzard was launched in 1849 but commissioned for the first time by Commander William Hugh Dobbie on 7 May 1852, for the North America and West Indies station. Eight months later Edward Loney joined her at Port Royal, replacing Assistant Surgeon William E. Hambley, who was transferred to the receiving ship there: Imaum. Buzzard lay seldom long at anchor. She was initiallly occupied in the Caribbean Sea, often anchoring for short periods and then moving on a small distance (perhaps surveying, for example round the Cay Sal Bank, or on anti-slavery duty). She spent the summer of 1854 on the coast of Nova Scotia and Newfoundland for fishery protection, and then returned to the Caribbean, when - after about a year - Edward Loney was lent to HMS Eurydice for four months, returning just in time to be transferred to a shore appointment at Bermuda.

Here is a complete list of officers serving during the commission of 5 May 1852 - 15 July 1856 (from the ship's muster book). John P. Burke, the initial Surgeon was invalided at Jamaica in September 1854, and was only replaced a year later by Walter Laurence, who joined at Halifax when the ship was returning from its spell of fishery protection duty. In the intervening period Edward Loney apparently had medical charge.

15 Jan Sat At the moorings, Port Royal [Jamaica]
16 Jan Sun Joined Mr E. Loney (Asst Surgeon). Discharged Mr W Hambley to HMS Imaum
Cast off from buoy
24 Jan Mon At single anchor in Havana
1 Feb Tue Weighed
11 Feb Fri At single anchor in Cumberland Harbour, Guantanamo [Cuba]
12 Feb Sat Weighed
24 Feb Thu At single anchor in Havana
5 Mar Sat Weighed
6 Mar Sun 23.13 °N 80.12 °W
7 Mar Mon As single anchor, Cay Sal [Salt Cay, between Cuba and Florida]
8 Mar Tue Weighed
12 Mar Sat El Medano [?] anchorage
14 Mar Mon Weighed
16 Mar Wed At anchor under the Anguillas [cay east of Cay Sal]
18 Mar Fri Weighed
19 Mar Sat As single anchor at the Boca de Vaguada[?]. 23.34 °N, Cay Sal NNW 7 miles
Weighing and anchoring until...
1 Apr Fri At single anchor in Havana harbour
21 Apr Thu Weighed
Weighing and anchoring until...
11 Jun Sat At single anchor in Havana harbour
13 Jun Mon 4.40 p.m. Weighed and proceeded out of Havana harbour (under steam) S. Gilliard (AB) fell overboard, stopped, let go life buoy, lowered cutter and picked him up
4.50 Up cutter and proceeded
17 Jun Fri 20.45 °N 81.49 °W
21 Jun Tue In Port Royal harbour
1 Jul Fri Slipped from the buoy and proceeded (under steam) out of Port Royal
4 Jul Mon At single anchor off Georgetown, Grand Cayman
7 Jul Thu Weighed
10 Jul Sun Mr [Samuel R.] Stephens (2nd class Asst Engineer) having been reported to Mr [William B.] Minhinnick, Chief Engineer, for neglect of duty in allowing 4 fires to go out about 4 a.m. was reprimanded on the quarter deck by the Commander
12 Jul Tue At single anchor off White Isle
14 Jul Thu Weighed and proceeded under steam
21.32 °N 81.9 °W
17 Jul Sun At single anchor off White Isle
19 Jul Tue Weighed
25 Jul Mon 21.18 °N 82.17 °W
30 Jul Sat At single anchor off Belize
4 Aug Thu Embarked His Excellency Mr Woodhouse, Superintendent, and suite consisting of lady, secretary and two servants [The first English settlement in Belize was established in 1665. Philip Edmond Wodehouse (b. 1811 - d. 1887) was superintendent between 1851 and 1854 (subordinated to the governor of Jamaica). In 1862 Belize became the crown colony of British Honduras; in 1973 the name reverted to Belize; in 1981 it became independent]
Weighed and proceeded under steam
5 Aug Fri At anchor in Coxen Hole [on the island of Roatan, Bay Islands, Honduras (modern mapExternal link), between 17 July 1852 and July 1860 these islands formed the British Colony of the Bay Islands; in 1860 they became part of Honduras]. His Excellency Mr Woodhouse and suite left the ship
11 Aug Thu a.m.
4 Lit fires
6.30 Unmoored ship
7.30 His Excellency Mr Woodhouse and suite embarked. Manned yards
p.m. Stearing up for Halfmoon Bay
12 Aug Fri Weighed and made sail
14 Aug Sun At single anchor off Belize
16 Aug Tue Weighed
21 Aug Sun At the buoy, Port Royal
6 Sep Tue Moored alongside the wharf. Commenced coaling
14 Sep Wed Slipped from the buoy and proceeded out of Port Royal
17 Sep Sat At single anchor Cumberland harbour
19 Sep Mon Stood out of bay
20 Sep Tue The Commander directed Lieut [Richmond] Moore's leave to be stopped from the ship's arrival at Port Royal for repeatedly flatly contradicting him and conducting himself improperly on his station on the ship leaving Guantanamo harbour on the 19th
21 Sep Wed At single anchor Cumberland harbour
23 Sep Fri Steam up. Weighed and proceeded out of Cumberland harbour, Mr [Henry H.] Bradley, 2nd Master took charge as pilot
29 Sep Thu Moored in Port Royal
1 Oct Sat 10.30 a.m. Commander Shell [?] read his commission on taking charge as commander of this ship. Sent Commander W.H. Dobbie to the hospital
3 Oct Mon 5 p.m. The Chief Engineer [William B. Minhinnick] being in the sick list, the Commr found it necessary to draft Mr [George] Griffiths, 2nd Engineer to do duty but not to interfere with his being under an arrest
6 Oct Thu Steering for Porto Bello [Panama]
6.20 p.m. Stopped and came to
7 Oct Fri 10.10 a.m. Weighed and proceeded out of Porto Bello harbour
1.40 p.m. Came to in Navy Bay
[modern Limon Bay, Panama] with B.B. in 5½ fthm veered to 30 fthm
8 Oct Sat Received Jake Tegular distressed British subject for passage to Jamaica
Weighed and proceded out of Navy Bay
12 Oct Wed Port Royal, Discharged the distressed British subject
14 Oct Fri Officers employed surveying stores on Mr Ed N Harrison's joining as Paymaster
15 Oct Sat Commander Dobbie resumed his command
16 Oct Sun Mr E. Harrison, Paymaster, read his commission
18 Oct Tue Weighed
20 Oct Thu At single anchor in Montego Bay [Jamaica]
Weighing and anchoring until ...
23 Oct Sat Port Royal moorings
9 Nov Wed Weighed
18 Nov Fri At single anchor at Havana
19 Nov Sat Weighed
Weighing and anchoring until ...
22 Dec Thu At single anchor Port au Prince [Haiti]
26 Dec Mon Weighed
28 Dec Wed At single anchor Port Royal
17 Jan Tue Weighed
19 Jan Thu 19.35 °N 76.20 °W
21 Jan Sat 19.48 °N 76.18 °W
22 Jan Sun St Jago de Cuba
23 Jan Mon Weighed
24 Jan Tue 19.44 °N 77.22 °W
26 Jan Thu At single anchor Cape Cruz [south west Cuba]
28 Jan Sat Weighed
30 Jan Mon 19.46 °N 77.6 °W
1 Feb Wed Cumberland harbour
2 Feb Thu 2.30 p.m. Obsd a sail running to the west[war]d
2.40 Lit fires under foremost boilers
4.10 Up boats. Weighed and proceeded out of harbour under steam. Made all plain sail and top and topg
[allan]t stud[ing] sails in chase
7.20 Stopped and boarded the Bremen barque "Beethoven" from New York to Manzanilo
3 Feb Fri Cumberland harbour
5 Feb Sun Weighed
7 Feb Tue At single anchor under Cape de Cruz
8 Feb Web Weighed
At single anchor under Cape de Cruz
10 Feb Fri Weighed
11 Feb Sat Weighed
12 Feb Sun At single anchor St Jago de Cuba
13 Feb Mon Weighed
14 Feb Tue Cumberland harbour
15 Feb Wed Weighed
17 Feb Fri Port au Prince
20 Feb Mon Weighed
22 Feb Wed Port Royal
2 Mar Thu Weighed
4 Mar Sat At single anchor St Jago de Cuba
5 Mar Sun Weighed
7 Mar Tue 19.57 °N 77.78 °W
9 Mar Thu 21.24 °N 39.50 °W
10 Mar Fri Trinidad [S. coast of Cuba]
11 Mar Sat Weighed
14 Mar Tue 20.53 °N 80.00 °W
16 Mar Thu At anchor Xagua [modern Jagua, at the mouth of Cienfuegos Bay, Cuba]
18 Mar Sat Weighed
21 Mar Tue 21.12 °N 82.36 °W
24 Mar Fri 23.08 °N 82.53 °W
25 Mar Sat Havana
26 Mar Sun Weighed
29 Mar Wed 29.15 °N 79.06 °W
1 Apr Sat 32.24 °N 72.08 °W
3 Apr Mon 31.58 °N 67.06 °W
5 Apr Wed Bermuda, in the Camber
25 Apr Tue Pilot came on board and proceeded under steam [out of Bermuda]
28 Apr Fri 39.28 °N 64.47 °W
30 Apr Sun 44.26 °N 63.21 °W
2 May Tue Steaming into Halifax
Found here HMS Vestal bearing the flag of Rear-Adm[ira]l Fanshawe, and Columbia, surveying steamer
12 May Fri Heading out of Halifax
13 May Sat 44.40 °N 61.12°W
14 May Sun 46.41 °N 55.05 °W
17 May Wed St Johns, Newfoundland
20 May Sat Weighed
22 May Mon Cape Mutton, north 3 or 4 miles [Cape Mutton, between Mutton Bay and Biscay Bay, two indentations of Trepassey Bay]
3.10 p.m. Came to with stream anchor in 16 fthm due to a thick fog
23 May Tue a.m.
7.50 Sent 2nd cutter away
p.m. Boats returned. Obsd breakers and a high coast from stbd bow to right astern
1.30 Weighed and proceeded along the coast. Cutter in shore
2.30 Stopped and spoke a fishing boat. Up cutter and and proceeded into Trepassée harbour
[Trapassey, west of Cape Race, Nova Scotia]
24 May Wed Hoisted masthead flags in honour of her Majesty the Queen's birthday [Queen Victoria born on 24 May 1819]
27 May Sat Weighed
St Mary's Bay [west of Trepassey]
29 May Mon 4.35 a.m. Weighed and proceeded out of the bay. left 39 fishing boats at anchor
Altered course as requisite steaming into Placentia
3.26 p.m. Stopped and came to with S.B. in 4 fthm, veered to 24 fthm
[at Placentia Bay, large bay west of St Mary's Bay]
30 May Tue Placentia [large bay west of St Mary's Bay]
31 May Wed Stopped and came to S.B. in 10 fthm, veered to 32 fathm in Ship Cove, Great Burin, shore distant 100 yards
11 fishing boats seen, all English
[Burin, on the west side of Placentia Bay]
1 Jun Thu 11.45 a.m. Weighed and proceeded out of harbour under steam
2.55 p.m. Stopped and came to in 9¾ frhm veered to 30 fthm in Great St Laurence Bay
[west of Burin in Placentia Bay]
2 Jun Fri 9.20 a.m. Steam up. Weighed and proceeded out of Great St Laurence
1.40 p.m. Came to B.B. 5¾ fthm veered to 30 fthm in Lameline roads
[Lamelin, west of St Laurence Bay]
4 Jun Sun 162 fishing boats at anchor
5 Jun Mon Sent the pinnace and dingy with 14 days provisions in charge of Lieut Moore to cruize for the protection of the fisheries
6 Jun Tue 47.24 °N 59.04 °W
7 Jun Wed St Georges Harbour [south west coast of Newfoundland]
Weighed and proceeded out of St Georges Bay
8 Jun Thu Stopped and came to S.B. in 4¾ fthm veered to 24 fthm in Sydney Harbour [Cape Breton Island, northern Nova Scotia]
10 Jun Sat Weighed and proceeded out of Sydney
11 Jun Sun 5.35 a.m. Heard a horn blowing and observed a ship on stbd bow running to the westd. Stopped the engines. Put the helm starboard and reversed engines. Struck a ship (believed to be the New Brunswick) before the main mast, carrying away our bowsprit and head knee. Stopped engines. Stranger proceeded on her course, apparently immaterially damaged. Lowered boats to pick up pieces of wreck. Got inboard bowsprit and jib booms
46.37 °N 58.25 °W
12 Jun Mon Came to in Lameline
13 Jun Tue 46.38 °N 56.46 °W
14 Jun Wed Stopped and came to S.B. in 13 fthm veered to 18 fthm [at St Pierre's, St Pierre & Miquelon Islands; French colony since 1816]
Artificers employed repairing head knee and fitting the new bowsprit
17 Jun Sat Weighed
18 Jun Sun At Harbour Breton [south coast of Newfoundland, north of St Pierre]
29 Jun Thu Weighed and proceeded out of Harbour Breton
Came to S.B. in St Pierre's road
30 Jun Fri Found the pinnace had been here for the purpose of placing John M'Laughlin AB in hospital for treatment
Weighed and proceeded out of St Pierre's
At anothor in Lamelin
1 Jul Sat Paymaster received orders to pay for the hire of a house for the use of pinnace's crew while protecting fisheries amounting to £4.0.0
2 Jul Sun At Sydney, Cape Breton [Island, northern Nova Scotia]
4 Jul Tue Steam up. Weighed and proceeded out of Sydney
5 Jul Wed 48.58 °N 59.26 °W
7 Jul Fri Blank Harbour, Forteau Bay [Labrador]
8 Jul Sat a.m.
4.30 Weighed
11 Passed an ice berg and a great quantity of drift ice on stb beam
12 Passed 24 ice bergs
2 p.m. Altering course as requisite stearing for Chateau harbour
3 Stopped and came to with sheet anchor in 13 fthm in Temple Bay and veered to 20 fthm
Carpenters repairing figure head
10 Jul Mon Weighed and proceeded out of Chateau Bay [Labrador]
11 Jul Tue 12.30 p.m. Sent cutter with Lieut Moore and 11 men to cruize for protection of fisheries with 14 days provisions
4 20 ice bergs in the water
6.20 Stopped and came to in Temple Bay (Chateau)
14 Jul Fri Weighed
15 Jul Sat Forteau Bay [Labrador]
18 Jul Tue Weighed
At single anchor off Blanco Sablon [Labrador, west of Forteau]
19 Jul Wed Weighed
21 Jul Fri North end of Belle Isle west 7 miles
22 Jul Sat 51.18 °N 54.37 °W
23 Jul Sun 48.58 °N 52.53 °W
24 Jul Mon At St Johns
27 Jul Thu Weighed
29 Jul Sat 50.14 °N 53.35 °W
30 Jul Sun Running along the SW side of Belle Isle. Sent cutter to Lark Harbour [Belle Isle] to warn off some French boats there. Two french boats came alongside, ordered these off the coast. Up cutter and proceeded. Fired a gun as a signal to the French boats to leave Black Joke Cove [Belle Isle]. Out port paddle boat. Sent boats to clear all French fishing boats out of the harbour. Leut Moore and party with the 1st cutter left the ship for the protection of the fisheries. Obsd the French fishing boats take refuge in Lark harbour [US "Sailing Directions for Newfoundland", 1942: "Belle Isle, about 9 1/3 miles long in a general northeasterly and southwesterly direction, lies with its southern extremity about 14 1/4 miles northward of Cape Bauld. The island lies in the middle of the northeastern approach to the Strait of Belle Isle, and is 660 feet high near its middle part. It rises to a range of granite hills, alternating with clay and slate formation, but is bare of trees. Many fishermen live on the island. The shores are everywhere steep except at the northern end, where two low points converge to form Black Joke Cove, an narrow inlet within an islet connected with the mainland at low water. Black Joke Cove... affords shelter to about two small vessels with local knowledge moored head and stern, but in heavy easterly gales the sea breaking across the reef renders the cove unsafe... Lark Island, 200 feet high, lies close off the middle of the northwestern side of Belle Isle. Lark Harbour, sheltered by Lark Island, is only 400 yards wide. This harbour is very deep, but the holding ground is indifferent. Although it is exposed to northeasterly winds, it has two entrances and can be easily quitted."]
31 Jul Mon a.m.
4.15 Fired a gun as a signal for the French boats to leave Lark Harbour
21 fishing boats and icebergs in sight
8.30 Stopped. Sent the 2nd cutter inside Lark Harbour to ascertain that all the boats had left
9.20 2nd cutter returned. Up do
1 Aug Tue a.m.
4.10 Weighed and proceeded into Black Bay
[Belle Isle]
Obsd 23 schooners. 4 brigs and 94 fishing boats. The 4 brigs showed French colours. Sent cutter to order all French boats alongside
5 Stopped and let go the kedge
[anchor]. Found ship drifting. Let go BB [Best Bower]. Weighed the kedge. Fired several muskets to bring the French boats alongside
7 Sent a boat to order the French vessels to quit the port immediately
9.10 A French boat passed the ship laden with fish. Sent boats and brought her alongside. Threw the catch overboard. Shifted berth. Sent pinnace to windward in search of French boats
11.40 Pinnace returned with 9 boats. Threw the fish overboard and sent the boats away with a caution
Schooners 23, about 10 French
Brigs 4, all French
Fishing boats 94, 60 French, the others English
2 Aug Wed Weighed and proceeded out of Black Bay
Carpenters making figurehead
Came to in Forteau Bay
7 Aug Mon Weighed
Passed 12 vessels, and 66 fishing boats, all English
8 Aug Tue In Temple Bay, Chateau [Bay, Labrador]
9 Aug Wed Standing out of Temple Bay
10 Aug Thu Forteau Bay, Labrador
22 Aug Tue Weighed and proceeded out to Forteau Bay under steam
23 Aug Wed At single anchor in Temple Bay, Chateau [Bay, Labrador]
24 Aug Thu Weighed and proceeded out of Temple Bay, Chateau
26 Aug Sat 48.59 °N 52.12 °W
27 Aug Sun At single anchor St Johns, Newfoundland, harbour
28 Aug Mon Weighed and proceeded out of St Johns
30 Aug Wed 46.24 °N 57.23°W
31 Aug Thu Sydney [Cape Breton Island, northern Nova Scotia]
1 Sep Fri 5 p.m. Completed coaling & hauled off the jetty. Up boats and proceeded to sea under two boilers
3 Sep Sun Halifax
16 Sep Sat Weighed
19 Sep Tue 36.47 °N 63.16 °W
22 Sep Fri Bermuda
24 Sep Sun Weighed
30 Sep Sat Turks Island
1 Oct Sun Weighed
14 Oct Sat Port au Prince
20 Oct Fri Weighed
21 Oct Sat Jacmel [Hiati]
23 Oct Mon Weighed
24 Oct Tue 18.02 °N 70.45 °W
29 Oct Sat San Domingo [Dominican Republic]
31 Oct Tue Weighed
1 Nov Wed 17.47 °N 72.07 °W; Jacmel N47W 35 miles
2 Nov Thu Jacmel
4 Nov Sat Weighed
9 Nov Thu 19.26 °N 75.38 °W
10 Nov Fri Cumberland Harbour
14 Nov Tue Weighed
16 Nov Thu Cumberland Harbour
17 Nov Fri Weighed
19 Nov Sun St Jago de Cuba
27 Nov Mon 20.19 °N 73.47 °W; Cape Nicola Mole S34E 37 miles
28 Nov Tue Cape Nicola Mole [north west Haiti]
30 Nov Thu Weighed
1 Dec Fri 4 p.m. Stopped and came to BB in 7 fthm, veered to 30 fthm. Fishermans Pt SSW 500 yds
10.15 Departed this life Mr E.N. Harrison, Paymaster
2 Dec Sat a.m. Employed setting up fore rigging, restaying foremasts. Sent a party to dig a grave on Cayo del Hospital for the remains of the late Mr Harrison, Paymaster. Commenced a survey on Paymasters stores
2 p.m. Out port paddle boat. Lost overboard in turning out do. iron crutch, one in no. Manned the boats and sent them to bury the body of the late Paymaster (with the usual honours) on Cayo del Hospital
5 Boats returned. Upboats, in paddle boats

["The History of Guantanamo Bay" by M.E. Murphy, 1953, states "Except for some fishermen and a few Pilots living on Fisherman's Point, and a few cattle farmers on the adjacent grazing lands, the area was devoid of people... In 1854 a British warship, HBMS Buzzard, entered Guantanamo Bay with 10 or 12 yellow fever victims aboard. The skipper anchored near the principal islet or cay. He put his patients ashore for isolation and treatment. All the the victims of the fever recovered except one. E.N. Harrison, Paymaster, R.N., died on 1 December 1854, according to records on file locally, and was buried on the cay's south end. The cay has since been known as Hospital Cay. Whether the name dates back to Admiral Vernon, over a hundred years previous, is a matter of some interest but little importance". Buzzard's log does not refer to the other yellow fever victims being put ashore]
6 Dec Wed Cumberland Harbour
11 Dec Mon Weighed
13 Dec Wed Port Royal
14 Jan Sun Weighed
24 Jan Wed 20.16 °N 95.29 °W
25 Jan Thu At Sacraficios [near Vera Cruz, Mexico]
13 Feb Tue Weighed
15 Feb Thu 21.10 °N 90.30 °W
17 Feb Sat At Sisal Yucatan [northwest coast of Yucatan peninsula]
21 Feb Wed Havana
26 Feb Mon Weighed
4 Mar Sun Havana
11 Mar Sun Weighed
18 Mar Sun At Sacraficios
8 Apr Sun Unmoored
9 Apr Mon 3.15 a.m. Lit fires
5.15 a.m. Weighed and proceeded under steam to the north
19.46 °N 96.10 °W
10 Apr Tue At Tampico
11 Apr Wed Weighed
15 Apr Sun 21.42 °N 89.00 °W
At anchor on Campéché Bank [west coast of Yucatan peninsula, Mexico]
16 Apr Mon At anchor off Lagastos
17 Apr Tue At single anchor off Sisal [north west coast of Yucatan peninsula]
19 Apr Thu 8 a.m. The vice-consul came on board
10.30 a.m. The vice-consul left the ship in the cutter
23 Apr Mon At Havana
26 Apr Thu The Commander directed ships co[mpany] to be placed on 2/3 bread and to issue 1/3 flour to those requiring it
28 Apr Sat Proceeded out of Havana under steam
4 May Fri At Port Royal
11 May Fri Commodore Henderson came on board and mustered the ships co[mpany]
20 May Sun Slipped the buoy and proceeded under steam out of Port Royal harbour
22 May Tue 14.42 °N 76.34 °W
24 May Thu 10.32 °N 75.55 °W
At anchor at Cartagena [Columbia]
26 May Sat Weighed and proceeded in charge of a pilot out of Cartagena
27 May Sun At anchor Santa Martha [Columbia]
28 May Mon Weighed
2 Jun Sat 12.11 °N 77.51 °W
5 Jun Tue At single anchor at Blewfields [Bluefields, Mosquito]
6 Jun Wed Weighed and proceeded
7 Jun Thu Stopped and came to BB [Best Bower] in Greytown [Mosquito]
17 Jun Sun 6 a.m. Weighed in co[mpany] with the R.M. [Royal Mail] steamer "Teviot". proceeded out of Greytown harbour
6.15 Stopped. Pilot left the ship
6.15 p.m. Came to off Blewfelds
18 Jun Mon 2 p.m. Weighed and proceeded
4 Stopped the engines, the coals being so bad it was not possible to keep steam
19 Jun Tue At single anchor Corn Islands
26 Jun Tue Weighed
Came to off Blewfields
28 Jun Thu 9 a.m. Commander came on board with the Consul. Hove short. Loosed sails
10.15 Weighed and made all plain sail to topgallants
29 Jun Fri Stopped and came to at Greytown
22 Jul Fri 5.40 a.m. Weighed and proceeded out of Greytown harbour
6 p.m. At single anchor off Blewfields. Captain and Consul left ship
25 Jul Mon 7.30 a.m. The gig came on board with the Comm[ande]r and Mr Green (Consul)
8 Weighed under steam
3.30 p.m. Stopped and came to
4 Aug Sat Weighed and steamed out of Greytown harbour
At single anchor Blewfields. Discharged Mr Green (Consul). Sent the gig to Blewfields with him
5 Aug Sun 4.50 a.m. Weighed
4.40 p.m. Stopped and came to with B.B. in 4 ftms veered to 36 fthm at Great Corn island
9 Aug Thu Weighed
10 Aug Fri At anchor Greytown
16 Aug Thu 11.30 a.m. Obsd a boat enter the harbour which proved to be the pinnace of HMS Wolverine to report the wreck of that that ship on the Courtown Cays
17 Aug Fri 12.12 °N 82.00 °W, Albuqueque Cays N45E 14 mi
20 Aug Mon 14.25 °N 78.45 °W
22 Aug Wed Port Royal
25 Aug Sat Discharged Mr E Loney Asst Surgeon to HMS Eurydice
4.40 p.m. Slipped the buoy and proceeded out of Port Royal
27 Aug Mon 13.50 °N 79.30 °W
28 Aug Tue At Courtown Cays
3 p.m. Sent paddle boats to bring off guns and stores from the wreck
29 Aug Wed 5 a.m. Boats left the ship for the wreck. Employed bringing on board guns, cables, anchors, spare stock tillers, brass breachings, gun tackles
30 Aug Thu Sent paddle boats to the island. Employed in bringing off rope and copper and gunners, boatswains and carpenters stores
1 Sep Sat Received on board the sick and marines of the Wolverine
2 Sep Sun 5 a.m. Sent boats to embark the crew of HMS Wolverine landed for the purpose of breaking up the wreck
6 Sep Thu At Port Royal
Employed landing on shore stores belonging to the Wolverine. Discharges officers and crew of do to HMS Imaum
8 Sep Sat Landing dockyard stores saved from the wreck of the Wolverine
9 Sep Sun Hoisted out the guns
11 Sep Tue Hauled alongside the coal quay and commenced coaling
13 Sep Thu Slipped from the buoy and proceeded out of harbour by the south channel
16 Sep Sun Stopped and came to in 7 fthm on the northern bank of Courttown Cays
17 Sep Mon 5 a.m. Out paddle boats
6.30 Sent do with a bank to the wreck
6 p.m. Boats returned from the wreck

Employed on wreck until...
25 Sep Tue Sent boats to the wreck. received on board the officers and party who had been employed saving stores etc from the wreck, boats and all that could be saved from the wreck of HMS Wolverine
5 p.m. Weighed
28 Sep Fri Stopped and secured to the buoy in Port Royal. Found here HMS Termagant and Imaum
5 Oct Fri 6 p.m. Arrived the R.M.S. M.S. [Royal Mail Steam Packet Company, Mail service?] La PlataExternal link
9 Fired a Royal Salute of 21 guns to commorate a victory gained by the allied forces over the fortress of Sevastopol
[on 10 September 1855]
13 Oct Sat Slipped the buoy and proceeded out of harbour by the south channel
18 Oct Thu At anchor, Belize
25 Oct Thu Weighed and proceeded out of Belize under steam
26 Oct Fri Stopped and anchored in Coxen Hole
27 Oct Sat 6 a.m. Weighed and proceeded out of Coxen Hole under steam
2.15 p.m. Stopped and same to S.B. at Bonacea
28 Oct Sun Weighed and proceeded under steam out of Bonacea
30 Oct Tue 14.20 °N 83.07 °W
1 Nov Thu 10.30 a.m. Greytown
2.15 p.m. Weighed and steamed out of Greytown
5 Nov Mon 17.37 °N 76.57 °W
6 Nov Tue At Port Royal
7 Nov Wed Slipped the Buoy
10 Nov Sat 21.08 °N 72.42 °W
14 Nov Wed 24.54 °N 69.54 °W
18 Nov Sun 29.2 °N 70.9 °W
21 Nov Wed 7 a.m. Stopped. Pilot came on board. Proceded
10.30 stopped and anchored off the Camber, Bermuda in 7 fthm veered to 35 fthm. Found here HMS Boscawen and HMS Argus and Rosamund
1 Dec Sat 3.30 p.m. Weighed and proceeded for the Narrows
5.30 Came to in Passage anchorage
2 Dec Sun 6.30 p.m. Daylight. Weighed and proceeded through the Narrows
7 Obsd a steamer at anchor in Five Fathom Hole
7.30 Stopped and took R
[oyal] Mail steamer "Curson" in tow and proceeded through the passage to Ireland Island
10 Came to with B.B.
[in Grassy Bay]
3 Dec Mon 11 a.m. Weighed and commenced warping into the Camber
1 p.m. Secured ship alongside wharf in Camber
5 Dec Wed Arrived HMS Eurydice [to which ship Edward Loney had been transferred on 25 August]
12 Dec Wed Discharged Mr Edward Loney, Asst Surgeon to the Royal Naval Hospital

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