HMS Melampus - log extracts 
HMS Melampus - log extracts 

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Extracts from the log of HMS Melampus for the period 17 December 1856 - 28 February 1858
Sources: ADM 53/6019, 17 December 1856 - 29 January 1858; ADM 53/6020, 30 January 1858 - 28 February 1858.

Sheerness - Spithead - Southampton Water - Spithead - Portsmouth

The sailing frigate Melampus was commissioned (jury rigged for Coast Guard service) on 17 December 1856 by Captain Leopold George Heath C.B. and sailed round to moor off the Victoria Hospital in Southampton Water. Here batches of "Royal Naval Coast Volunteers" were trained. At the end of the commission she was towed to Portsmouth where the crew (including Captain Heath and William Loney) turned over to the steamer Arrogant, which then returned to Southampton Water.

Ships officers during this period (from the Navy List; not yet checked with the ship's muster book for exact dates).

17 Dec Wed At fitting basin at Sheerness
Leopold G. Heath C.B. (Captain) hoisted the pendant
- Spirits = 25 4/8 galls
- Sugar = 392 lbs
- Cocoa = 108 lbs
- Tea = 44 lbs
- Oatmeal = 44 galls
- Mustard =42 lbs
- Oats = 56 lbs
21 Dec Sun William Loney MD (surgeon) joined
28 Jan Wed Moored to a buoy on west shore
21 Feb Sat a.m.
6.45 Mr Patrick (Pilot) came on board and took charge of ship
7.15 Taken in tow by Bulldog
8 Shipped moorings
8.15 Saluted Commander in Chief
[Vice Admiral Sir George Francis Seymour] with 15 guns
2 Hove to in Downs. Pilot left the Bulldog
22 Feb Sun a.m.
11 Shortened and furled sails; taken in tow by steamer; Beachy Head ENE
8 Bulldog cast off, Hauled in hawsers and brought to with B.B.
[Best Bower = anchor] in 9 fathoms, veered to 33 fathoms
23 Feb Mon At single anchor at Spithead
At moorings off Victoria Hospital
21 Jul Sun p.m.
2 HMS Argus arrived bearing the Broad Pendant of Commodore Eden C.B.
2.10 Commodore came on board and inspected ship. Exercised RNC volunteers at target with 32 pdrs and rifles
3.45 Commodore left the ship
4 Aug Tue 6 p.m. Saluted Her Majesty with 21 guns:
- Cartridges, filled, 4 lbs = 21; tubes = 21
10 Aug Mon 4.15 p.m. Saluted Royal Standard aboard Fairy with 21 guns
14 Aug Fri 2 p.m. Saluted the Dutch flag with 21 guns on board Fairy [Anna Paulowna, daughter of the Russian tzar Paul I, sister of tzars Alexander I and Nicolas I, widow of king Willem II of the Netherlands, and mother of the reigning Dutch king Willem III, was making a brief visit to England (from the Times)]
15 Aug Sat 4.30 p.m. Saluted the Dutch flag with 21 guns on board Fairy
21 Aug Fri 7.5 p.m. Saluted the Royal Standard aboard Fairy with 21 guns
16 Sep Wed Arrived United States frigate "Plymouth"
30 Sep Wed p.m.
2 Argus arrived. Commodore came on board and inspected RNC volunteers at great guns and rifle drill
3 Commodore left the ship. Argus sailed
4 Oct Sun United States frigate "Plymouth" sailed
25 Jan Mon Fired Royal salute in honor of Princess Royal's marriage [Victoria Adelaide Mary, eldest child of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert, married 25 January 1858 to Frederick III, Emperor of Germany]
1 Feb Mon Employed sweeping for boat sunk alongside with coals
22 Feb Mon Mr Robert Knox, Master, joined
24 Feb Wed p.m.
1.25 Shipped moorings and towed to Spithead by the "Pigmy"
6.10 Let go small bower anchor at Spithead
25 Feb Thu a.m.
10 Weighed anchor and entered harbour
12 Lashed alongside Belvidera hulk
Hands employed stripping ship
26 Feb Fri Hands employed clearing out chains, cables and guns
28 Feb Sun p.m.
5.36 Sunset
Midnight (signed) Robert Knox, Master

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