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William Loney RN - Portrait

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This portrait (430 mm x 340 mm) hangs in the house of near family in Ireland. There is apparently also a larger version in Northern Ireland.

The artist is not identified, but William Loney, in the letter with which he sent the painting to his niece Annie, seems to refer to "Symond":

Letter fragment

The date of the painting is unknown, however it would seem to date from after 1846 (when Loney would have been 29) for the following reasons:

As he cannot have returned from his second tour on the west African coast (during which he was promoted to Surgeon) before June 1846, and as he sailed on Amphitrite for a three year cruise in July 1847, returning in July 1850 (when he would have been 33 years old), I assume the portrait was painted between June 1846 and July 1847.

Another posibility is that it was painted during his time with the Royal Marines at Woolwich Barracks (February 1843 to February 1845), which might explain the two versions of the portrait - one for the Mess and one for himself - however at that time he was only entitled to one epaulette!

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