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Roderick Dew R.N.

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Roderick Dew R.N.Explanation
Date (from)(Date to)Personal
24 March 1869 Died (at Lisbon, when in command of Northumberland)
7 February 1846Lieutenant
16 June 1854Commander
26 February 1858Captain
Date fromDate toService
20 November 1846 Lieutenant in Sampson, commanded by Thomas Henderson, Pacific
5 December 1855 Commander in Geyser, the Baltic during the Russian War
January 1856February 1857Commander in Flying Fish, Portsmouth
February 1857 Commander in Nimrod, East Indies (including 2nd Anglo-Chinese War)
22 September 18593 August 1864Captain in Encounter (from commissioning at Plymouth), East Indies and China (escorting the gunboats Bouncer and Snap out, and then British involvement in Taiping rebellion), then Japan
29 May 1866August 1868Captain in Lord Clyde, Channel squadron
August 186824 March 1869Captain in Northumberland, Channel squadron (until Dew died)

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