Edward King Barnard R.N.
Edward King Barnard R.N.

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Edward King Barnard R.N.Explanation
Son of Edward Barnard R.N.
Date (from)(Date to)Personal
1 July 1815 Born (Plymouth, Devon, England)
1848 Married Augusta Sophia (1826-1914), daughter of Thomas Wolrige (1782-1845)
5 September 1896 Died (Fareham, Hampshire, England)
Entry in O'Byrnes 1849 'Naval Biographical Dictionary'
August 1828Entered Royal Naval Colle
23 November 1841Lieutenant
5 January 1852Commander
2 May 1857Captain
13 April 1870Retired Captain
20 April 1875Retired Rear-Admiral
2 August 1879Retired Vice-Admiral
Date fromDate toService
1 July 18348 July 1834Midshipman in Ocean, commanded by Captain Edward Barnard, Sheerness
9 July 183416 June 1838Mate in Winchester, commanded by Captain Edward Sparshott, flagship of Rear-Admiral Sir Thomas Bladen Capel, East Indies
17 August 183821 September 1838Mate in Royal Adelaide, commanded by Captain Sir William Elliott, Plymouth
22 September 183822 August 1839Mate in Salamander, commanded by Commander Sidney Colpoys Dacres, particular service
29 August 183922 November 1841Mate in Wizard, commanded by Lieutenant commander Thomas Frederick Birch, South America
27 April 184231 May 1843Lieutenant in Excellent, commanded by Thomas Hastings, gunnery ship, Portsmouth
27 May 184319 May 1846Lieutenant in Virago, commanded by George Graham Otway, Mediterranean
20 May 184616 November 1847Lieutenant in Virago, commanded by John Lunn, Mediterranean
7 January 18487 May 1850Lieutenant in Excellent, gunnery ship, Portsmouth, and - August-September 1848 - acting Lieutenant in command of Driver
August 1848September 1848Act. Lieutenant commander in Driver
8 May 185010 January 1852Lieutenant in Ajax, commanded by Captain Michael Quin, Queenstown
15 May 185214 October 1853Admiralty agent on board a contract mail steam vessel
28 November 18534 September 1857Commander in Racehorse, East Indies
31 December 185923 April 1864Captain in Nile, flagship of Rear-Admiral Alexander Milne, North America and West Indies
10 June 186512 December 1867Captain in Constance (from commissioning at Plymouth), North America and West Indies
13 December 186720 November 1869Captain in Trafalgar (from commissioning at Sheerness), commanded by James Hope, flagship of Robert Smart, Coast Guard, Lough Swilly (and, May 1869, cruise of the Reserve Fleet)

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