Charles Frederick Schomberg R.N.
Charles Frederick Schomberg R.N.

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Charles Frederick Schomberg R.N.Explanation
Eldest son of Admiral Alexander Wilmot Schomberg (1775-1850) by his second marriage
Date (from)(Date to)Personal
1 October 1874 Died (Holyhead)
Entry in O'Byrnes 1849 'Naval Biographical Dictionary'
16 May 1829Entered Navy
28 June 1838Lieutenant
10 February 1844Commander
10 July 1851Captain
24 May 1867Retired Rear-Admiral
29 May 1873Retired Vice-Admiral
Date fromDate toService
13 July 183822 February 1841Lieutenant in Hastings, commanded by Captain John Lawrence, Mediterranean
23 February 184121 November 1843Lieutenant in Cyclops, commanded by Horatio Thomas Austin, Mediterranean
22 November 184324 February 1844Additional Lieutenant in Tartarus, commanded by Horatio Thomas Austin, Mediterranean
24 June 184519 October 1845Commander (2ic) in Queen, commanded by Captain Henry John Leeke, Channel squadron
20 October 18455 December 1845Acting Commander in Daring, Channel squadron
6 December 184525 November 1847Commander (2ic) in Queen, commanded by Captain Henry John Leeke, Channel squadron
26 November 184716 June 1851Commander (2ic) in San Josef, commanded by Henry John Leeke, Channel squadron
6 December 18476 January 1848Commander (2ic) in San Josef, Devonport
7 January 184823 June 1851Commander (2ic) in Wellesley, commanded by George Goldsmith, flagship of Entered Navy Earl of Dundonald, North America and West Indies
25 May 18599 January 1860Captain in Aboukir (from commissioning at Devonport), Channel squadron
10 January 186013 February 1862Captain in Cumberland, guard ship of the steam reserve, Sheerness (replacing Cressy)
13 February 186229 February 1864Captain in Edinburgh, Coast Guard, Leith (replaced by Trafalgar)
1 March 1864March 1865Captain in Trafalgar, Coast Guard, Leith (replacing Edinburgh)

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