HMS Amazon (1821)
HMS Amazon (1821)

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NameAmazon (1821)Explanation
TypeFifth rate   
Launched15 August 1821
Builders measure1078 tons
ClassModified Leda
Ships book
Note1844 28 gun 6th rate
Snippets concerning this vessels career
(January 1840)Out of commission at Sheerness
13 November 1844
- 6 April 1848
Commanded by Captain James John Stopford, Lisbon, and the Mediterranean
29 June 1847
- 20 August 1847
Commanded by Acting Captain James Johnstone McCleverty, Mediterranean
26 October 1848
- October 1850
Commanded by Captain Edward Norwich Troubridge, (later in) East Indies (until he died)
29 September 1850Commanded by Captain Charles Barker, East Indies
Extracts from the Times newspaper
Tu 28 March 1848

PLYMOUTH, March 25.

Her Majesty’s ship Amazon, 25, Captain James J. Stopford, which arrived yesterday from Malta and Gibraltar, has brought home the gunner, steward, and boy lately belonging to Her Majesty’s steam-ship Avenger, lost on Christmas-day in the Mediterranean. They have been since transferred to the guard-ship.
The damage done to Her Majesty's ship Queen two days before the Amazon left Gibraltar is not very extensive. She grounded astern, and her crew having started a quantity of her water and got her provisions forward, she was the next day readily towed off the sand and soft mud by Her Majesty's steam-sloop Polyphemus. The Queen and the Polyphemus were the only British men-of-war in the bay.
The Amazon has been out three years and five months. Her crew do not class her among the "good ships," and earnestly desire she may be at once paid off. They complain of too much black listing and flogging. Some of her hands ran from her at Smyrna, others at Barcelona and Carthagena.

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