HMS Malabar (1818)
HMS Malabar (1818)

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NameMalabar (1818)Explanation
TypeThird rate   
Launched28 December 1818
Builders measure1715 tons
Ships book
Note1848 c.h.
1883 = Myrtle
Snippets concerning this vessels career
14 February 1838
- 31 January 1839
Commanded by Captain Edward Harvey, North America and West Indies
19 August 1841
- 1844
Commanded by Captain George Rose Sartorius, Mediterranean
30 October 1883Renamed Myrtle
Extracts from the Times newspaper
Fr 1 July 1859The Imp?rieuse, 51, screw, Captain R.B. Maguire, has been brought down Portsmouth harbour and placed along-side the Malabar, coal dep?t, for the purpose of coaling.
The Neptune, 91, screw, Captain Sir W. Hoste, has crossed lower and topsail yards and placed battens on her rigging, in readiness for rattling down. She has hauled off from alongside the sheer jetty to alongside the Prince Regent hulk, in Portsmouth harbour.
The Sidon, 22, paddle, Captain R.B. Crawford, is coaling alongside the north quay of the fitting basin.
The Dauntless, 32, screw, Captain W. Edmonstone, in the steam basin at Portsmouth, has commenced crossing her lower and topsailyards.
The Sphinx, 6, paddle, and the Beagle, 8, screw, have both been brought down Portsmouth harbour, and placed in the steam basin, to be advanced to the first-class steam reserve.

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