HMS Styx (1841)
HMS Styx (1841)

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NameStyx (1841)Explanation
Type1st class sloop   
Launched26 January 1841
Builders measure1054 tons
Displacement1379 tons
Ships bookADM 135/453
Snippets concerning this vessels career
10 August 1841
- 20 September 1841
Commanded (from commissioning at Sheerness) by Commander Hastings Reginald Henry
15 September 1841
- January 1845
Commanded by Captain Alexander Thomas Emeric Vidal surveying Azores
7 February 1845Commanded by Commander William Windham Hornby, west coast of Africa
(26 February 1846)
- 10 June 1846
Commanded by Acting Commander George Oldmixon, west coast of Africa
21 April 1846
- 1848
Commanded by Commander Henry Chads, west coast of Africa
15 July 1851Commanded by Commander William King Hall, Cape of Good Hope
7 June 1854
- 3 April 1855
Commanded by Commander Frederick Woollcombe, East Indies (until Woollcombe died)
3 April 1855Commanded by Commander James Minchin Bruce, East Indies
7 December 1855
- 15 December 1855
Commanded by Commander John Eglinton Montgomerie, East Indies
20 December 1855
- 28 March 1856
Commanded by Commander John Eglinton Montgomerie, East Indies
26 August 1857Commanded by Commander Charles Vesey, North America and West Indies
30 December 1860Commanded by Commander John Halliday Cave, North America and West Indies
26 February 1862
- 15 November 1864
Commanded by Commander Hon. William John Ward, North America and West Indies
2 September 1864
- 25 October 1865
Commanded by Commander William Brabazon Urmston, North America and West Indies
Extracts from the Times newspaper
Tu 8 May 1855Her Majesty's sloop Lily, 12, Commander Sanderson, arrived at Spithead yesterday morning from the China and Australian stations, last from the Brazils. She was detached from the China squadron and left Singapore on the 18th of November, 1854, arrived at Port Phillip December 29, left on the 23d of January, arrived at Rio on the 10th of March last, and left on the 17th for Spithead. She brought golddust from Australia to the amount of 40,000l. sterling, on merchants' account. She met with strong westerly gales and in latitude 58·46 S. longitude 161·8 W. fell In with large icebergs, and was running among them for a fortnight; on coming upon them the barometer was observed to fall a great deal, accompanied by heavy snow-storms. She passed the Exodus, of Liverpool, about 300 miles S.W. of the Lizard, on the 28th ult., with loss of topmasts. When she left the Australian station Her Majesty's ships Calliope and Acheron were at Sydney, and the Fantome and Electra at Melbourne; the marines and seamen of the Electra had been landed on several occasions to act with the military in the late disturbances. The Electra had been to King's Island to rescue the crew of two merchant vessels wrecked there, and had saved 20,000l. in specie. The Lily has been five years and three months in commission, during which time she has circumnavigated the globe. She brought home Lieutenant Davis, on promotion from the Electra; Lieutenant Brock, on promotion from the Lily; Mr Howarth, mate, from the Electra; Mr. Tucker, clerk, from the Fantome; and Mr. Douglas, mate, from the Styx, to join the Bulldog.

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