HMS Indus II (launched as Temeraire, 1876)
HMS Indus II (launched as Temeraire, 1876)

The Royal Navy

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NameIndus II (launched as Temeraire, 1876)Explanation
TypeCentral battery ironclad   
Launched9 May 1876
Builders measure 
Displacement8571 tons
Ships book
Note1904.04 = Indus II, t.s.
Snippets concerning this vessels career
8 July 1877Commanded by Captain Michael Culme-Seymour, Mediterranean, and part of the squadron that Admiral Sir Geoffrey Phipps Hornby led through the Dardanelles in 1878
June 1879
- January 1880
Commanded by Captain George Willes Watson
27 January 1880Commanded by Captain John Ommanney Hopkins, Mediterranean
5 March 1880
- 12 January 1881
Commanded by Captain Hon. Walter Cecil Carpenter, Mediterranean
21 March 1884
- 12 November 1886
Commanded by Captain Compton Edward Domvile, Mediterranean
26 October 1889
- 19 June 1891
Commanded by Captain Gerard Henry Uctred Noel, Mediterranean squadron

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