HMS Windsor Castle (1858)
HMS Windsor Castle (1858)

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NameWindsor Castle (1858)Explanation
TypeFirst rate TypeThree-decker
Launched26 August 1858 Converted to screwon the stocks
HullWooden Length204 feet
PropulsionScrew Men930
Builders measure3101 tons   
Displacement4971 tons   
Fate1908 Last in commission-
Ships bookADM 135/75   
 Never fitted for sea.
6 January 1855= Windsor Castle (laid down as Victoria).
26 August 1858Launched at Pembroke Dockyard.
January 1869Renamed Cambridge, gunnery training ship, Devonport, replacing 3rd rate sailing ship Cambridge (1815-1869).
12 August 1877Commanded by Captain Thomas Le Hunte Ward, gunnery ship, Devonport (tenders: Gorgon, Plucky and Sabrina)
15 August 1883
- 25 August 1886
Commanded by Captain George Stanley Bosanquet, gunnery ship, Devonport
(1890)Gunnery ship, Devonport. Includes officers borne for Foudroyant and Perseus. Tenders: Bonetta, Bulldog, Cuckoo, Hecate, Plucky, Sabrina and Snap.
1 January 1892Commanded by Archibald Lucius Douglas, Devonport
24 June 1908Sold to Cox for breaking up at Falmouth.
Extracts from the Times newspaper
Th 13 September 1860The following ships and gunboats in the first-class steam reserve could be got ready for the pendant at a short notice:- The Windsor Castle, 100; the Revenge, 91; the Orlando, 60; the Forth, 12; the Seahorse, 12; the Merlin, 6; and the Hyena, the Gleaner, the Nightingale, the Steady, the Spider, the Delight, the Goldfinch, the Charon, and the Lark. The following, in Keyham steam yard, are in a forward state:- The Howe, 121; the Gibraltar, 101; the Brunswick, 80; the Phoebe, 51; the Narcissus, 51; the Jason, 21; and the Desperate, 8.
Fr 9 September 1870The gunboat Pigeon, tender to the Cambridge, at Devonport, is to be commissioned forthwith, to take the place of the Trinculo, which was lately run down and sunk on her passage from Gibraltar for Malaga.

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