Hugh McNeile Dyer R.N.
Hugh McNeile Dyer R.N.

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Hugh McNeile Dyer R.N.Explanation
Son of George Shepherd Dyer (1801-1881), R.N.
Date (from)(Date to)Personal
23 July 1832 Born (Albury, Surrey)
15 May 1858 Married Marianne Elizabeth (1834-1914), daughter of William Cole Loggin (1804-1844)
3 January 1875 Died (Dublin)
1876 His book 'The West Coast of Africa as seen from the Deck of a Man-of-War' published postumously
12 July 1853Mate
3 February 1855Lieutenant
11 April 1866Commander
1 October 1873Retired Captain
Date fromDate toService
12 July 18536 June 1854Mate in Modeste, commanded by William Compton, Mediterranean
7 July 18542 February 1855Mate in Conflict, commanded by Arthur Cumming
19 February 18556 January 1856Lieutenant in Retribution, commanded by Thomas Fisher, flagship of Rear-Admiral Robert Lambert Baynes, the Baltic during the Russian War, then troop transport from the Black Sea
7 January 18564 September 1856Lieutenant and commander in Dapper
8 January 185725 March 1857Lieutenant in Indus, commanded by John Charles Dalrymple Hay, flagship of Rear-Admiral Houston Stewart, Devonport
26 March 185731 December 1857Lieutenant in Indus, commanded by John Charles Dalrymple Hay, flagship of Rear-Admiral Houston Stewart, Devonport, for service in gunboats
1 January 185818 January 1860Lieutenant in Terror, commanded by Frederick Hutton, guard ship, Bermuda
1 January 185818 January 1860Lieutenant and commander in Nettle, tender to Terror, Bermuda
19 January 186019 April 1860Lieutenant in Indus, commanded by William King Hall, flagship of Rear-Admiral Alexander Milne, North America and West Indies
28 June 18609 February 1861Lieutenant in Ajax, commanded by John NcNeill Boyd, Coast Guard, Kingstown (until Boyd was drowned)
18 February 186118 May 1863Lieutenant in Ajax, commanded by Edmund Heathcote, Coast Guard, Kingstown
19 May 18638 February 1864Lieutenant and commander in Jackall
9 February 186424 April 1866Lieutenant and commander in Jackall, west coast of Scotland (fishery protection)
16 May 186617 January 1868Naval agent on board contract mail steam vessels
19 July 186830 July 1871Coast Guard, Inspecting officer of Skibbereen Division
17 September 187130 October 1873Commander in Torch, west coast of Africa, then (March 1873), Mediterranean
18743 January 1875Governor of Kilmainham Gaol. Dublin (until he died)

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