HMS Vernon (launched as Donegal, 1858)
HMS Vernon (launched as Donegal, 1858)

The Royal Navy

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NameVernon (launched as Donegal, 1858)Explanation
TypeSecond rate TypeTwo-decker
Launched23 September 1858   
HullWooden Length240 feet
PropulsionScrew Men930
Builders measure3245 tons   
Displacement5461 tons   
Fate1925 Last in commission1870
Class  Class (as screw)Conqueror
Ships book   
23 September 1858Launched at Devonport Dockyard
23 June 1859
- 3 November 1859
Commanded (from commissioning at Plymouth) by Captain William Fanshawe Glanville, Liverpool (to raise men), then Channel squadron (until Glanville was invalided)
3 November 1859
- 18 May 1861
Commanded by Captain Henry Broadhead, Channel squadron
19 May 1861
- 10 June 1862
Commanded (until paying off at Plymouth) by Captain Sherard Osborn, Channel squadron then (November 1861) transporting troops to Mexico, toegether with Sans Pareil and Conqueror
1 September 1864
- 1 May 1867
Commanded (from commissioning at Plymouth) by Captain James Aylmer Dorset Paynter, Coast Guard, Liverpool (replacing Majestic). On 6 November 1865 Paynter received the surrender of CSS Shenandoah, the last vessel to fly the Confederate flag in the American civil war, which had completed an epic voyage from the Pacific Ocean.
(1 May 1867)
- 1 July 1869
Commanded (until paying off) by Captain Edward Winterton Turnour, Coast Guard, Liverpool (and, May 1869, cruise of the Reserve Fleet), replaced by Resistance
5 November 1869
- 1870
Commanded (from commissioning at Portsmouth) by Captain William Nathan Wrighte Hewett, taking Vice-Admiral Henry Kellett, and a replacement crew to relieve Vice-Admiral Henry Keppel and the crew of the flag-ship, Ocean, on the China station
- 30 September 1870
Commanded (until paying off) by Captain Henry Matthew Miller, particular service (tender to Duke of Wellington)
30 September 1870Paid off
14 January 1886Renamed Vernon, torpedo school (together with Ariadne), Devonport
- 1892
Commanded by Captain Arthur Knyvet Wilson, torpedo school, Portsmouth
23 April 1895Moved to Portchester Creek.
18 May 1925Sold to Pounds for breaking up at Portsmouth.

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