HMS Hannibal (1854)
HMS Hannibal (1854)

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NameHannibal (1854)Explanation
TypeSecond rate TypeTwo-decker
Launched31 January 1854 Converted to screwon the stocks
HullWooden Length217 feet
PropulsionScrew Men850
Builders measure3136 tons   
Displacement4735 tons   
Fate1904 Last in commission1861
Class  Class (as screw)Princess Royal
Ships bookADM 135/216   
31 January 1854Launched at Deptford Dockyard.
18 March 1854
- 23 January 1855
Commanded (from commissioning) by Captain Frederick William Grey, commodore of the fleet conveying 10,000 French troops to the Öland Islands, then the Black Sea during the Russian War
25 January 1855
- 20 November 1856
Commanded (until paying off at Portsmouth) by Captain John Charles Dalrymple Hay, flagship of Rear-Admiral Houston Stewart, Black Sea during the Russian War, then Mediterranean
1 February 1858
- 29 June 1858
Commanded (from commissioning at Portsmouth) by Captain George Fowler Hastings, guard ship of Ordinary, Portsmouth
29 June 1858
- 29 April 1859
Commanded by Captain George Thomas Gordon, guard ship of Ordinary, Portsmouth (replaced by Asia)
29 April 1859
- 9 April 1860
Commanded by Captain Matthew Connolly, flagship of George Rodney Mundy, Mediterranean
30 March 1860
- 24 December 1861
Commanded (until paying off at Portsmouth) by Captain Arthur Farquhar, flagship of Rear-Admiral George Rodney Mundy, Mediterranean
6 February 1863
- 28 April 1863
Commanded by Commander Charles Thomas Curme, depot ship for seamen, Portsmouth, tender to Asia
1 April 1863
- 30 April 1863
Commanded by Captain John Seccombe, Portsmouth, depot ship for seamen (replaced by Duke of Wellington)
12 April 1904Sold to Castle for breaking up at Charlton.
Extracts from the Times newspaper
We 28 April 1858The St. Vincent sailing three-decker was taken from the upper part of Portsmouth harbour yesterday under the shears to have her masts taken out. The Imp?rieuse, 51, is found to be in want of new boilers, with which she will be immediately supplied, and prepared without delay for commission. The Arrogant, 47, Captain Heath, C.B., will be swung at harbour moorings this day and tomorrow for the adjustment of her compasses, preparatory to being reported ready to proceed to her cruising ground from Folkestone to Southampton. It is reported that the Hannibal, 91, dep?t ship of the steam reserve at Portsmouth, Captain the Hon. G.F. Hastings, C.B., will shortly go to Spithead for a short time. At present there is no man of war at that anchorage.
Sa 12 June 1858The three depot ships of the steam fleet in reserve at Portsmouth, Devonport, and Sheerness - the Hannibal, 91, Captain the Hon. G.F. Hastings, C.B.; the Exmouth, 91, Captain Robinson; and the Cressy, 81, Captain Halsted - are to form members of the Channel fleet, their steam reserve staff being turned over to sailing ships.
We 28 September 1859The following is the distribution of the Mediterranean fleet at Malta:- Screw steamships of the Line.- The Marlborough, 131 (flagship of Vice-Admiral Fanshawe), on her way to Gibraltar, left Malta on the 15th of September; the Hannibal, 91 (flagship of Rear-Admiral Mundy), coast of Sicily; the Conqueror, 101, Gibraltar; the St. Jean d'Acre, 101, coast of Sicily; the Orion, 91, Gibraltar; the Princess Royal, 91, Gibraltar; the Renown, 91, Malta; the Victor Emmanuel, 91, Gibraltar; the Exmouth, 90, Naples; the London, 90, coast of Sicily; the Brunswick, 80, coast of Sicily; the Centurion, 80, Gibraltar; and the Cressy, 80, left Malta on the 5th of September. Steam Frigates.- The Euryalus, 51, Piraeus of Athens; the Liffey, 51, Piraeus of Athens; the Doris, 32, left Malta on the 13th of September; and the Terrible, 21, Naples. Steam Corvettes.- The Racoon, 22, Corfu; the Cadmus, 21, Malta; and the Vulture, 6, Morocco coast. Steam Sloops.- The Gannet, 11, Piraeus of Athens; the Argus, 6, Malta; the Intrepid, 6, Constantinople; the Recruit, 6, Malta; the Scourge, 6, Malta; the Assurance, 4, left Malta on the 31st of August; the Coquette, 4, Marseilles; the Lapwing, 4, Gibraltar; the Osprey, 4, Corfu; the Vigilant, 4, Venice; and the Wanderer, 4, Candia. Steam Gunboats.- The Growler, Gibraltar; and the Quail, Gibraltar. Steam Despatch-vessels.- The Banshee, 2, Malta; and the Caradoc, 2, Malta. Steam-tender.- The Boxer, 2, Malta. Steam Surveying-vessels.- The Medina, 4, Candia ; and the Tartarus, 4, Candia. Receiving-ship.- The Hibernia (flag of Rear-Admiral Codrington), Malta. Depot-ship.- The Africa, Gibraltar. Tugs.- The Hearty, Malta; and the Redpole, 2, Gibraltar. Sailing Gunboats.- The Azof, 2, Malta; and the Kertch, 2, Malta.

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